Pop Mart characters debut in CentralWorld
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Pop Mart characters debut in CentralWorld

Pop Mart characters debut in CentralWorld
(Photos courtesy of Kobfah)

Pop Mart has come to Thailand with the opening of its first flagship store spanning 169m² on CentralWorld's 1st floor. The character-based entertainment company has driven a global "Pop Culture Art Toys" movement.

(Photos courtesy of Kobfah)

Iconic characters include Molly, The Monsters, Dimoo, Skullpanda and Crybaby, each created by artists or collaborators.

Born in 2006, the first-generation Molly was depicted as a young artist who wears a painter's hat and robe. Chinese artist and designer Kenny Wong drew inspiration from the image of a child with a pair of big, lake-green eyes and a pouting mouth for the stubborn yet cute Molly.

Another Hong Kong-born artist, Kasing Lung, launched vinyl figures of The Monsters based on his storybooks following a collaboration with How2Work. Among the numerous monsters, Labubu with long ears and Skeleton Tycoco are his favourites.

The adorable Crybaby by Thai artist Nisa Srikumdee expresses how shedding tears is not a weakness but a way to make one feel better.

Meanwhile, Chinese artist Lang embodies hidden sorrow within a young boy named Hirono, while Ayan Deng imagines the shy and confused Dimoo. The latter spent two years creating Dimoo World's complete story and characters.

Skullpanda designed her eponymous character with an astronaut helmet, two spherical braids, thick lips and small thick legs. In 2020, she joined Pop Mart and launched the Ancient Castle series, with its 60,000 blind box units quickly sold out.

Popular among toy enthusiasts and collectors, new blind or mystery boxes at the Pop Mart store will undoubtedly sell like hot cakes too.

(Photo: Khobfah PR)

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