From the canvas to clothing
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From the canvas to clothing

Jaspal links up with Kenny Scharf to fuse fashion and pop surrealism

From the canvas to clothing

Jaspal's appreciation for visual art revisits pop surrealism through a collaboration with Kenny Scharf.

Dress with the Flouraburstunglbugs print.

In the 1980s, Scharf emerged from New York City's East Village art scene. His graffiti gained him recognition along with other practices including paintings, sculptures and installations.

The prolific American artist defines himself as a pop surrealist, whose colourful works have fused with Jaspal's fashion designs.

The collab with the Thai label particularly celebrates his paintings of anthropomorphic blobs, floating or squeezing together, smiling or expressing other emotions. A number of them have been reproduced as eye-catching prints for the Jaspal x Kenny Scharf collection.

The oil-on-linen Bloborama from 2015 appears on a women's long-sleeved jersey top with a mock neck as well as a men's T-shirt and hoodie with hip welt pockets.

Painted in 2018, Globzerino has become a striking motif for a men's polyester collared jacket.

Jacket with the Globzerino motif.

Paintings with a cosmic background include Blobareblobz featured on a men's cotton sweatshirt; Klump N Space on a long-sleeved cotton shirt; and Kozblobz on a neoprene crop jacket and matching mini skirt.

Besides works portraying signature blobs, Jaspal chose to transfer Flouraburstunglbugs onto a print of a resort shirt and a dress with feather wristlets.

Scharf fantastically portrays a butterfly and caterpillar amid flowers in this oil and silkscreen ink-on-linen painting from 1993.

On the back of an oversized denim shirt, a placement print is centred by a cheerful black flower referencing Floil created four years ago.

The Jaspal x Kenny Scharf collection further includes accessories such as a tote bag carrying the Blobomundo print, which is based on an oil-on-canvas painting.

In 2020, Kalorzi was born as a screen print with a three-eyed face, who now smiles on a baseball cap and a stainless mug.

Outfits featuring Kozblobz and Klump N Space prints.

Bloborama hoodie.

Floil oversized denim shirt.

Blobomundo tote bag.

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