Explore the wild at The Mall Ngamwongwan
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Explore the wild at The Mall Ngamwongwan

Explore the wild at The Mall Ngamwongwan
photo courtesy of The Mall Group

The MCC Hall of The Mall Lifestore Ngamwongwan has been transformed into a wondrous land of exotic animals for "The Mall Lifestore Jungle Walk", which is running until Sunday.

photo courtesy of The Mall Group

Held to make the school break a memorable moment for children and their families, the fair brings over 300 special and rare animals from around the world. They are showcased in four major zones that are set in a natural habitat.

The Terrestrial Animals zone features rarely-seen two-toned grey-brown lion cubs, a crossbreed between a white lion and a regular lion; cassowaries, prehistoric flightless birds that are considered a top three largest birds in the world and can run as fast as 50kph; Brazilian porcupines; Patagonian maras; sloths; emus; rheas and coatis.

The Poultry zone brings together colourful macaws of various breeds including the endangered hyacinth macaws native to South America, scarlet macaws whose lifespan lasts from 40-50 years, harlequin macaws, blue and gold macaws, Camelot macaws, as well as Amazon parrots, African grey parrots, ring-necked parakeets, forpus, Moluccan cockatoos and flamingos.

Highlights at the Amphibians zone are Aldabra giant tortoises, one of the world's largest land tortoises; African bullfrog, the third largest frog in the world; alligator turtles, the largest freshwater turtles notable for its powerful bite force; red foot tortoise; matamatas turtles; Sulgata tortoises; white tree frogs; and capybaras.

Displayed in the Reptiles zone are green anaconda or silent killer of South America, green tree python, bao constrictor, tegu lizard, iguana and tarantula.

The event is also packed with fun activities including a free flight bird show, a flight recall training, and a forpus bird competition. Visitors can learn some exotic pet-caring techniques from the Thailand Exotic Pet Keepers Association and have fun feeding sun conure parrots, iguanas, carp, Silkie chickens, tortoises, rabbits, goats, sheep and horses.

A variety of pets and pet products are available at special prices while the Royal Forest Department is giving away young plants such as rosewood, jackfruit, myrobalan, neem, Afzelia xylocarpa, and teak to all visitors.

Visit tmg.click/48y4p4P.

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