The aroma of Lush's Library

The aroma of Lush's Library

The aroma of Lush's Library
The Perfume Library at Lush's flagship store on Siam Center's ground floor.

Breath of God, Death and Decay, Superworld Unknown -- you can look for Lush's mysterious fragrances at The Perfume Library.

The British brand launched this concept in Liverpool in 2019 to house scents from its archives, new fragrances and books on perfumery.

Lush's flagship store in Siam Center has been revamped to accommodate its ninth perfume library, whose fine fragrances celebrate art, music, poetry and reflect on life.

The first from its archive, Karma, with intoxicating layers of orange, spices and patchouli, was created in 1995 by co-founder Mark Constantine.

His other compositions include Dear John, which pays tribute to his lost father. The emotional story behind the fragrance can be discovered in his biography Dear John: The Road To Pelindaba penned by Jeff Osment.

Over 50 vegan perfumes and body sprays are shelved at The Perfume Library. A consultation with a Lush expert can help you pick a scent for self-expression or an occasion, and to balance or complement your well-being.

Jasmine and rose meet sustainably sourced ylang ylang in the floral Cocktail -- a spray for a special evening.

Violet leaf, rose and sandalwood oil represent love, a deep relationship and tying the knot in Confetti, which refers to sugar-coated almonds at Italian weddings.

The incense-inspired Breath of God is a smoky perfume that balances light fruity and grounded woody essential oils.

Heady jasmine and ylang ylang combine with sweet rose for the floral Death and Decay while candyfloss and lemon sherbet notes sweeten the gourmands' favourite Superworld Unknown.

The Shower Room enhances the retail experience.

Lush's fine fragrances are hand-blended using ethically sourced essential oils and absolutes. For instance, premium oudh oil is supplied by Thai company Treedom, which uses sustainable practices in its agarwood plantation and oudh oil refinery.

A blend of oudh, fire tree, lemongrass and other ingredients in The Smell of Freedom brings out the rebellious spirit.

Reflecting on climate change, The Smell of Weather Turning opens with fresh peppermint while oakwood absolute and bay oil develop into smoky hay on the skin.

Lush encourages getting Dirty, its bestseller, which is a multi-layered spearmint, tarragon and thyme perfume evoking a breath of fresh air while lavender and sandalwood add floral, woody notes to the composition.

The Perfume Library has a Shower Room to spray the fresh and sophisticated Dirty or other scents and take snaps in the playful photo booth. The olfactory library also features books on perfumery, aromatherapy and other subjects, besides the variety of Lush fragrances and scented products.

Lush's range of scents.

Lush's fine fragrances.

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