Celebrating the silk-lined future of Thai fabrics

Celebrating the silk-lined future of Thai fabrics

Celebrating the silk-lined future of Thai fabrics

Local Thai fabrics will take centre stage during the Silk Festival 2023 which will kick off on Thursday and runs daily from 10am to 8pm until Sunday, at Impact Exhibition Hall 6-7, Muang Thong Thani.

Held under the "Silk Success Sustainability" concept by the Community Development Department and the Ministry of Interior's Ladies Association, the event is to mark the 36th birthday of HRH Princess Sirivannavari Nariratana Rajakanya and to highlight the Pha Thai Sai Hai Sanook (Thai Fabrics Are Fun To Wear) project.

It will bring a myriad of local Thai fabrics and luxury Otop handicrafts that are certified with the Sustainable Fashion logo. They will be presented alongside other Otop fabric products, accessories, decor items and handiworks.

Visitors are invited to learn the successful stories behind the "Thai Fabrics Are Fun To Wear" project in an exhibition which will showcase the development of royal fabric patterns such as Lai Khor, Nariratana Rajakanya Khit and Rak Rajakanya.

A luxury handicraft. 

It will also present the story of Sustainable Fashion, which was initiated by the princess with the aim of making Thai fabrics and handicrafts environmentally friendly.

Another highlight will be a showcase of costumes with stunning designs by 13 brands -- Sirivannavari, Archive026, Asava, Janesuda, Irada, Issue, Landmee, Milin, Pyvet, TandT, Theatre, Tirapan and Wisharawish -- as well as two young designers from the "Thai Textile Design Promotion: Phai Thai Sai Hai Sanook" contest, Haya (the winner) and Ameen Studio (runner-up).

They created the outfits in modern styles, using unique Thai fabrics from each community such as praewa silk, mudmee, yok dok, hilltribe fabric, squirrel tail silk, batik, indigo-dyed cotton and loincloth. This reflects the potential of Thai fabrics to be developed to meet the lifestyle of the new generation while preserving Thai identity.

Visitors will also enjoy delicious food from over 30 restaurants and traditional performances from the four regions.

There is no admission fee. Call 081-877-6969.

Thai fabrics with exquisite patterns. (Photos courtesy of Community Development Department)

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