Year-end auction a veritable treasure trove

Year-end auction a veritable treasure trove

Year-end auction a veritable treasure trove
Blue and white porcelain. photo courtesy of RCB Auctions

Collectors and history enthusiasts are invited to revel in a joyful moment at the grand finale of the Arts & Antiques Live Auction presented by RCB Auctions on Saturday at 12.30pm.

Heralded as the grandest event to bid farewell to 2023, the auction will feature a collection of exceptionally rare and valuable pieces meticulously curated by experts.

Bidders will experience the extraordinary ambience amidst exquisite treasures that have been lost in time, only to be found again at the treasure hall of RCB Auctions, a trove of historical marvels representing diverse cultures and epochs.

The collection comprises 220 masterpieces and rare collectibles spanning various eras, handed down through ages, ranging from gilded furniture, sterling silverware, intricate wooden Benjarong ensembles and elegant tea sets to rediscovered ancient porcelain wonders.

These remarkable and exclusive pieces might just be the missing fragments of preciousness many spend their lives seeking.

Collectors and enthusiasts can engage in the auction through live bidding or online bidding via and the RCB Auctions app. A knowledgeable team of experts will be present to offer insightful discussion and guidance from 10am to 6pm until Friday.

RCB Auctions Hall is on the 4th floor of River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24.


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