A new interest-centric hangout opens in Talad Noi

A new interest-centric hangout opens in Talad Noi

‘Such A Small World’ is a self-claimed co-playing cafe

A new interest-centric hangout opens in Talad Noi

Recently launched by creative group Vibal Corp, Such A Small World is described as a new co-playing space in the Talat Noi area that gathers various forms of entertainment under the same roof.

On the third floor of the 100-year-old building Corner House Bangkok (Chai Phatthanasilp), this unique hangout with 600m² in area invites guests to come together and watch movies, listen to music on the turntables in one of the largest record libraries in Thailand, play the latest PlayStation and Nintendo Switch games, go offline with board games or check out art exhibitions. A stylish hobby hub, if you will. 

Paul Sirisant, Such A Small World's founder and DJ, said the inspiration for Such A Small World came from the way the COVID-19 pandemic changed how he and his friends consumed entertainment. Today, even people living under the same roof choose to enjoy entertainment on individual phone screens, so he wanted to create a space that feels comfortable and relaxed like a friend’s home equipped with the latest devices to “encourage shared passions and togetherness".

Paul explained that Such A Small World is designed like a series of cool living rooms, each equipped with the latest cutting-edge equipment that can be personalised according to individual preferences.

Whether it's a bro squad playing a PlayStation PS5 or colleagues bonding over a board game, it offers a variety of options for fun group activities. There are also digital TVs that can access every streaming platform so friends can host a viewing party together. Plus, in one eye-catching corner, a set of skate ramps has been repurposed into a cosy space where guests can lie down and watch movies that are projected onto the ceiling.

People can listen to music, watch movies, lounge, and play games in various corners uniquely decorated without walls with stylish furniture while making them feel connected to the other rooms. Each corner is suitable for groups of friends from two to 16 people.

Besides all the fun and games, Such A Small World is versatile enough for organising events such as fan-meeting activities, birthday parties, viewing parties, creative workshops, screenings, small music events and networking events.

Given the founder's reputation as a DJ, music heads are in a treat. Another highlight of Such A Small World is the Listening Station, a record player room decked out with personal headphones. Music lovers can choose their favourite records from a collection of more than 6,500, definitely one of the largest vinyl libraries in Thailand. They join hands with Gadhouse, a leader in turntables and speakers, to provide the ultimate listening experience. The room’s open-plan layout is designed without walls so everyone can talk and build friendships, fostering a community of music lovers and audiophiles. It is also suitable for events such as artist talks or record launches in an intimate atmosphere.

“We intentionally designed the space to make everyone feel comfortable and enjoy their own world at every corner in the same space. This is therefore not only a private resting area but also a place where ideas are connected and various interests come together. I am confident that every form of creativity, every interest, can be catered here in one place,” Paul added.

The cafe part of Such A Small World provides comfort F&B offerings such as Japanese beef bowl, baked edamame, Bacon with northern Thai chilli spaghetti and Red straw mojito.

Such A Small World opens daily from noon to 10pm. The Corner House Bangkok (Chai Phatthanasilp) is on Charoen Krung in Talad Noi area, Bangkok's Samphanthawong district.

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