Lead with Oxford: A 'whole-school approach' curriculum to future readiness for schools In Thailand

Lead with Oxford: A 'whole-school approach' curriculum to future readiness for schools In Thailand

Oxford now prepares students from an early age of 2 up to 19 years

Lead with Oxford: A 'whole-school approach' curriculum to future readiness for schools In Thailand

Bangkok, Oxford University Press a department of University of Oxford hosted the event "Empowering today's learners for tomorrow's challenges" to introduce a whole-school approach to future- readiness for students age 2 to 19, which encompasses the Oxford International Curriculum and Oxford AQA International Qualifications.

Andrew Coombe, OxfordAQA Managing Director explained, in an era marked by dynamic shifts and global connectivity, the education landscape is transforming at an unprecedented pace.  Education for the future is far beyond just the acquisition of knowledge. Students need to build resilience, be equipped with the right skills and be adaptable to navigate the demands and requirements of future job markets.

"I am enthusiastic about the Oxford International Curriculum, which offers coherence, continuity and consistency, to prepare students for the OxfordAQA International GCSEs, AS and A-level exams. With a holistic whole-school approach, I am confident students will reach their full potential with a fully comprehensive curriculum, world-class resources, quality professional development, and internationally recognised qualifications." 

"As one of the fastest growing international examination boards, OxfordAQA International Qualifications has played a pivotal role in students' academic journeys. Students who have taken OxfordAQA qualifications have successfully progressed to leading international universities as educational institutions around the world recognise their achievements.  Certainly, a whole school approach with the Oxford International Curriculum and OxfordAQA International Qualifications offers a sure pathway to success for students," said Coombe.

Ben Morley, Country Director of the Department for Business and Trade, British Embassy Bangkok, said, "Today, I was delighted to express my support for Thailand education institutions in their pursuit of world-class education through the provision of high-quality British curricula. Designing, developing and delivering curricula and qualifications that enable individual learners to progress to the next stage of their education and career are a core area of UK expertise, and I am keen to foster more partnerships with Thai educational institutions."

The Oxford International Curriculum, initially introduced globally in 2021, is now accessible to a multitude of schools across Thailand, and an increasingly growing community of more than 100 educational institutions worldwide. This curriculum has been designed to bring wellbeing to all teaching and learning and to develop global skills and attitudes through all core subjects such as English, Science, Maths, Computing, Global Skills and Wellbeing, from early years to lower secondary. The curriculum's year-on-year progression is designed to prepare learners for international GCSEs, AS and A-levels.  

The Oxford International Curriculum is the result of thorough research by Oxford which showed wellbeing practices woven into teaching and learning in all subjects can have positive effects in developing healthy mind and body habits that students can apply in their lives today and in the future. This focus on wellbeing aims to promote good mental health for both teachers and students, enhancing lives inside and outside of the classroom. 

OxfordAQA's International GCSEs and AS and A-Levels, meticulously benchmarked to UK standards, are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of international students and build future facing skills. These examinations also prioritise subject-specific skills over cultural knowledge and language proficiency, aligning with OxfordAQA's unique Fair Assessment principles which emphasise internationally relevant content and design. This means that students outside the UK, and for whom English is an additional language, can be confident they can understand what is being asked of them. 

In recognition of the OxfordAQA Go Further Awards, Oxford also took the opportunity to announce the winners of the OxfordAQA Student Achievement Awards 2023. This prestigious award celebrates exam excellence and is awarded to the OxfordAQA learners who have gained the highest exam marks in their country or region for a single subject at International GCSE, AS and A-level. 

This year, Phoenix Elizabeth Sims from Rugby School Thailand received the OxfordAQA Student Achievement Award for achieving the highest mark globally in International GCSE Biology. In Thailand, students also garnered recognition for securing the highest marks in the South East Asia region, 11 at International A-level, 9 at International AS, and 12 at International GCSE.

More information about the whole school approach is available at www.oup.com/leadwithoxford 

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