Sala Sudasiri Sobha pays tribute to Nat Yontararak

Sala Sudasiri Sobha pays tribute to Nat Yontararak

Sala Sudasiri Sobha pays tribute to Nat Yontararak
Nat Yontararak on piano. photo: Adrian Tee

A preview of the 2024 celebration of Nat Yontararak's 50 years of contribution for Thailand's classical music industry will be presented during "50 Years Of Legacy" at Sala Sudasiri Sobha concert hall on Dec 13 at 7.30pm.

Hailed as Thailand's top pianist and composer, Nat won the Silapathorn Award in 2006 and earned the Meritorious Decoration of Honours from the Polish Ministry of Culture in 2015 and the Order of Star of Italy in 2018.

Throughout his 50 years, he has continued grooming young talent and raising the standard of classical music in Thailand through his music school, Nat Studio. He also has been devoting his life to writing original compositions, arranging HM King Rama IX's compositions and many other works.

His works have a record of success with invitations to perform original compositions on the international stage at the Carnegie Hall in New York and Victoria Hall in Singapore.

Among his successful concert tours are the ones in Europe and the US where he performed an elegy for HM King Rama IX in 2017 and his composition The Prodigal Son, a suite for piano and percussion, featuring Poland's leading percussionist Łukasz Kurzydło in 2019.

Drawing its inspiration from a biblical story which talks about reconciliation and forgiveness, the suite presents Thai likay in its full essence, vital and fun. The piece has been receiving many resounding applause.

Held in collaboration with Olive Music, the upcoming concert will see Nat perform the suite with Kurzydło before they go on to render it as part of the Chiang Rai Biennale on Dec 18.

Tickets cost 1,000 and 1,800 baht (500 baht for students) and can be purchased from Sala Sudasiri Sobha is on Lat Phrao Soi 41 yaek 7-2 (MRT Phawana Station).

Email or call 063-441-0005.

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