Central begins 2024 celebration party

Central begins 2024 celebration party

Central begins 2024 celebration party
The launch show.

Central Department Store under Central Retail, in collaboration with Central The1 Credit Card, Alipay and Mastercard, recently launched the Central Let's Celebrate 2024 campaign, spreading happiness and joy to customers nationwide throughout the festive season.

The campaign kicks off with a grand event, unveiling a significant landmark at Central@CentralWorld, where celebrities join to share joyful moments with valued customers. Renowned actor Prin "Mark" Suparat leads the event by riding a giant balloon in the sky, symbolising the spread of happiness to all Central customers. The occasion also includes a special mini-concert by Mindy, a popular girl group, along with captivating activities like The Nutcracker Parade show and the Christmas Carol Song, promising to leave a lasting impression on every customer.

Natira Boonsri, chief executive officer – Central Department Store Group under Central Retail, said: "Central Department Store consistently delivers the ultimate customer experience, serving as the most-loved destination for gift shopping and festive celebrations spanning Christmas and New Year across all generations. Each year, our focus is on crafting campaigns that not only offer value but also introduce innovative experiences for our cherished customers.

"For Let's Celebrate 2024, we transport lively Christmas celebration vibes straight from London to every Central Department Store, infusing the atmosphere with vibrant colours and inspiration. The adorable Nutcracker character takes centre stage, adorning the spaces with its charm and creating a festive ambiance that resonates with the fun-loving nature of Thai celebrations. Recognising the unique essence of Christmas in Thailand, unlike anywhere else in the world, Central Department Store aligns with the preferences of our customers, aiming to curate joyful moments filled with love. We aspire to create unforgettable experiences for customers of all generations throughout this campaign."

Natira Boonsri.

Prin 'Mark' Suparat.

Celebrities join the event.

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