Seven noted chefs join forces at new Thai restaurant

Seven noted chefs join forces at new Thai restaurant

Napha is the latest addition to tonnes of dining options at Emsphere

Seven noted chefs join forces at new Thai restaurant

The inception of Napha first started in 2022 when seven noted Thai chefs gathered to serve tasty dishes under the collective name of Napha Chefs. Fast forward to last week, the first Napha restaurant was launched on the GM floor of Emsphere in Bangkok's Phrom Phong.

Napha is an opportunity to try creations from seven chefs under one roof. Each has different culinary creds under their belts, ranging from helming Michelin-starred venues or well-known eateries to making impressions on cooking competition shows.

They are Thaninthorn “Noom” Chatrawan of Pinn and one Michelin-starred Chim By Siam Wisdom; Kamol “Gigg” Chobdee-ngam of Lerdtip Wanghin; Namthip “Jah” Poosri of Phakao and MasterChef Thailand season 2; Kongwuth “Kong” Chaiwongkachon of Chiang Rai's Locus Native Food Lab; Vijjuda “Namchuem” Sumpantaworaboot of Rawmat; Pruek Sumpantaworaboot of RawMat and Iron Chef Thailand; and Penny Jirayuwatana of Penny The Chef.

With the "All-Star Flavours" concept, Napha, which means sky in Thai, aims to be a canvas for culinary exploration by these celebrated chefs as they express their inspirations through their creations.

Look-wise, the restaurant stands out with its glass block exterior and star-shaped ceiling lights that coveys the concept and meaning behind Napha. Napha presents Thai dishes that encompass all four regions of Thai cuisine but are neither strictly traditional nor straightforward. They have been elevated with a modern touch, carefully selected ingredients, as well as traditional cooking methods unique to each region. 

The highlights include chef Noom's Roasted pork with signature egg noodles (made of chicken, duck and goose eggs), chef Gigg's Deep-fried snow fish with palo sauce, chef Jah's Isan platter of sausage, pork rind, shrimp jaew and sticky rice, chef Kong's stewed beef/chicken khao soi, chefs Pruek and Namchuem's Golek shrimp, Nom-chin Hub's Crabmeat curry with rice vermicelli and chef Penny's Chilli brownie.

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