Bangkok Design Week 2024 takes place from Jan 27 to Feb 4

Bangkok Design Week 2024 takes place from Jan 27 to Feb 4

The creative design festival’s theme is ‘Livable Scape’

Bangkok Design Week 2024 takes place from Jan 27 to Feb 4

A long fixture on Bangkok’s annual calendar, Bangkok Design Week 2024 (BKKDW2024)’s seventh edition takes place from Jan 27 to Feb 4.

BKKDW2024 aims to present core design challenges and creative endeavours, reflecting the issues faced by the city. Since 2018, BKKDW, organised by the Creative Economy Agency (CEA), has served as a  platform providing opportunities for the development of individuals and businesses within Bangkok’s districts. It also propels Bangkok to stand out as a member of the Unesco Creative City Network (UCCN), recognised as Bangkok City of Design.

BKKDW2024’s theme “Livable Scape” offers a multitude of things to see and do. Expect workshops, art exhibitions, digital creations, jazz concerts, gastronomy and more. The festival transforms Bangkok into a city that is not only livable and attractive for investment but also worth visiting. With more than 500 activities spread across six main programmes, the theme is guided by three essential concepts during and beyond the nine-day event, providing new experiences and inspirations. “Hard Matters” is a city that is physically well-designed, easily accessible and promotes good health; “Heart Matters” is a city that is emotionally nurturing, caring for its people, offering a variety of activities and celebrating authentic culture; and “Design Matters” is a city that is well-designed, ensuring a good life.

BKKDW2024 takes place in 15 neighbourhoods and is led by locals showcasing the best of their areas. The creative programmes will extend from stories told through completely new platforms to edible history and unseen locations, sparking new perspectives on the city of Bangkok.

Along with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), BKKDW2024 challenges creators to propose solutions for the capital city’s real issues. With their answers expressed through a variety of design disciplines, BKKDW2024 will showcase fresh ideas for making Bangkok a more livable city. Join in the many experiments and provide feedback that could lead to a better, more sustainable Bangkok in the future.

This year’s festival is the result of collaboration between a variety of entities, including the BMA, government offices, educational institutions, creators, neighbourhood residents and the public. The 15 districts showcase not only creative projects and activities but also cultural assets from various areas. 

The festival also serves as a platform for “Festivalisation” — the utilisation of a festival concept and experience-building to drive the dynamics of a city, sustaining the momentum even after the festival concludes. The focus is also on inspiring people and the events’ host locales to continue driving activities in the long term. The festival can help revitalise neglected spaces with new stories, creating value for a locale and generating ideas to make a city more livable. Visit

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