Savour the taste of Japan at Tops

Savour the taste of Japan at Tops

Savour the taste of Japan at Tops

Foodies are invited to explore Japan's authentic flavours at "Discover The Wonders Of Japan: Highlights Of 10 Prefectures" which is running at all branches of Tops, Tops Food Hall, Tops Fine Food and Tops Daily until Feb 27.

Renowned for its dedication to achieving true world-class excellence, Tops under Central Retail has sourced premium quality food products and ingredients from 10 prefectures of Japan, with more than 1,900 items directly delivered to the hands of Thai consumers for a delightful culinary experience.

This is an opportunity to shop for premium-grade Japanese rice nurtured by melting snow from the mountains in Niigata; Japanese-style crispy corn which is a famous treat from Saitama; delicious snacks from Hokkaido, famed for its dairy products; traditional crispy fried squid from Osaka; and premium green tea from Kyoto's Uji district, renowned for matcha.

Also expect to indulge in outstanding food and products from five other prefectures -- juicy strawberries from Fukuoka, the best miso ramen from Nagano, a variety of soy sauce from Chiba, green tea from Shizuoka, and Sanuki udon noodles from Kagawa.

The campaign also brings a complete selection of assorted fruits, various types of imported meat, popular frozen food, and many other snack products guaranteed for their freshness and deliciousness.

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