Thirst traps for the summer

Thirst traps for the summer

New watering holes and drinks to quench your thirst

Thirst traps for the summer

While the temperature in Thailand soars, there is little risk of dehydration as new watering holes are popping up all over Bangkok.

To say bar culture is thriving would be an understatement. Guru By Bangkok Post has a short list of the ones that recently opened. But, should you wanna curl up on your sofa in air-conditioned comfort, there are a few thirst-quenching options, too. 

G.O.D aka Genius On Drugs

Entering the new bar off soi Nana in Yaowarat is like entering a three-storeyed temple ruin, complete with a piano on the first floor (think church organ). 

It is “Genius On Drugs and not only in name,” says owner Niks Anuman-Rajadhon. “It’s a reflection on how we do things here, like the architecture, the building, the design, the drinks, the music… everything. We call the menu ‘excessive is necessary’ because we wanted to be excessive. We are being excessive in everything (save for the seats, The bar seats just 10-15 people). We have six cocktails on offer and the number signifies the intensity of the drink. The higher the number, the more flavour the drink has,” Niks explains. However, the number doesn’t necessary mean that there is more alcohol in the drink. “We call is progressive experimental because we want to push the cocktail industry forward. I want to make everyone see new dimensions.”

Though cocktails at G.O.D are different from other places. If you read the menu, you’ll notice that each cocktail has a list of its ingredients along with, and here it gets interesting, a description of a “bite” or as I like to call it — an amuse bouche. “We want people to sip, eat the bite, come back to the drink and see how the flavour has evolved, how the bit has helped enhance the flavour of the cocktail,” explains Niks. 

The Ramen is served highball style but has Bonito spirit, garlic brine syrup, saline and citric. It is served with a ramen sphere of ponzu, sesame and green onion and this is hands-down the best sphere in Bangkok! There is even a 4 Cheese cocktail for cheese lovers. Like Niks says, “If you plan to do it properly, put in four types of cheese instead of one.” Like the pizza Quattro formaggi, the cocktail has Pecorino distillate, Madeira barbeito, mozzarella water and lactic solution. It is served with a Blue cheese and mozzarella foam, fried Cheddar and Pecorino Romano bite. 

The Trinity: The Father, The Son & Larb Kwaii is the most complex glass on the menu. A heady mix of Pedro Ximenez, larb seasoning vodka and haemoglobin in the form of pork blood. It is served with buffalo chicharron, truffle mayo, truffle and wasabi sprouts. 

Apart from the six drinks on offer, there is an Uni-Martini Experience. “The idea being that we want to push the limit of a martini and add more flavour to it. It’s all about making a martini better and more flavourful.”

The moment I see uni on the menu, I don’t have to be told twice to order it. I am an #unislut in that way. To set up your palate for the experience, eat the uni so you get the nuttiness and salinity, the sea flavour. Cut that with a sip of an ice cold martini and then bite into a smoked olive. This is what is known as a sequence drink. There are three martinis to choose from.

The “Just A Damn XXX” takes classic cocktails and gives them a new twist. This section features two drinks, a martini and a negroni. The Oyster Martini uses fresh oyster juice and is served with fresh oysters, shucked at the bar. The drink is sipped, in-between eating oysters and finished with coppa. 

There is also a tasting menu of seven small glasses, available on weekdays with advance reservations. “The tasting menu takes around two hours, which comprises all six cocktails and one uni martini, along with the bites,” explains Niks.

I hate to break it to you, but the time has come to embrace G.O.D., since it’s rumoured to be the last bar from Niks and Gunn Lee.

Dry Wave Cocktail Studio

Classic and creative cocktails thrive at the newly-opened Dry Wave Cocktail Studio on Thonglor 13.

Founded by Supawit “Palm” Muttarattana, the bar’s concept is to harmoniously blend of two distinct elements — trees and ocean waves. Every detail of the venue's design reflects this unique combination, with wave-patterned walls surrounding the bar, creating a warm and inviting ambiance reminiscent of a serene seashore. The central bar counter takes centrestage where guests can witness the artistry of drink-making. The long bar counter crafted from warm brick-coloured marble encourages friendly conversation and shared laughter while a cozy sofa corner provides the perfect setting for groups. 

The "Super Classic" signature cocktail menu, a testament to Palm's love and appreciation for classic cocktails. This menu features innovative combinations of two classic cocktails, seamlessly merging different eras and flavour profiles to create uniquely modern signature drinks. The "1806-1988" cocktail pays homage to the origins of the word "cocktail" in 1806, blending the simplicity of an Old-Fashioned with the modern twist of a Cosmopolitan. Other equally enticing creations include unexpected pairing such as Mai Tai with Tom Collins or Negroni with an Espresso Martini. 

The menu aims to take drinkers on a time-travelling journey, experiencing the waves of cocktail evolution through each sip. The music, much like the drinks, isn’t confined to a single genre. From pop and funk to disco and nu-disco, the diverse music selection is combined with the occasional appearance of guest DJs.


The speakeasy bar in Ekamai by Sainisa “Jay” Sangsingkeaw, has a new cocktail line-up, which returns to simplicity in contrast with the identity of the bar. 

The cocktails are playfully named to suit all moods. Stolen Kiss, Summer Fling, Pool Boy, Boulevard Saint Germain, Second Date, Lisa, Gentlemen’s Club #2… you get the drift. Playroom has been designed to be a playful space where people can enjoy crafted drinks, gather to let loose and also to take the time to soak up some privacy. The atmosphere is mysterious — sexy and luxurious, enigmatic and secretive. The red, gold and black interiors offers many fun gimmicks. The entrance is a secret door that blends into a wall of hundreds of drawers. Behind this trap door is an elegant bar decorated with the finest attention to every minute detail, chains, whips, and handcuffs adorn the walls. 

The bar counter brings to mind a sensuous corset, under a dazzling and illusory light — the perfect place to indulge in a cocktail, Champagne or a smooth glass of whiskey. Unmissable is the neon sign “You are My Favorite Dirty Thought”, the bar’s naughty slogan. Perfect date night space!


F*nkytown on Sukhumvit 37 is not for the faint of heart; it is a four-floor steep climb to get to the top, literally. Though once there, you are welcomed by the cosy interiors and plush couches. 

The Sarnies Group first cocktail bar is in the same building as Sarnies Sukhumvit outpost. The bar concept is rooted in locality and seasonality with drinks and bar snacks curated to reflect that. Developed on a funkiness scale of one to five, where guests can work their way through the list and get more adventurous with big flavours.

The Tokyo Banana (funk level two) has miso butter, Haku vodka, banana, white cacao, lemon and egg white, while the Caesar Salad (funk level four), has Caesar cordial, Roku gin, Parmigiano foam, romaine lettuce, tomato, lemon and tonic, though it did not taste much like the salad. The best tasting drink on the menu is the Som Tum (funk level five).  Classic enthusiasts will also find twisted classics such as the Long Island Thai Tea with secret-recipe yuzu cola, something to get funky with like the Fermentini with coffee kombucha, and a solid end to the night with Sundae Old-Fashioned with kinako and black sugar.

Bar snacks are taken seriously here, with the delights of Hamachi crudo of pickled melon, marinated cucumbers, hamachi in a crispy pie tee tart. Crispy pig’s ears are served with fermented durian sambal and the Bone marrow canele, which is a savoury spin on the usual sweet. There are also desserts and a tasting menu, featuring three bites, three plates to share and a dessert.

It wouldn’t be F*nkytown without a playlist. Expect funk, soul, R&B and 80s disco with some of Bangkok’s hottest vinyl and digital DJs.

Veuve Clicquot

It wouldn’t be International Women’s Month without the mention of Veuve Clicquot and the lady who defied all and started it all. 

When her husband François died in 1805, Madame Clicquot was 27 but she decided to take over and became the first business woman in France. As her nickname “La Grande Dame de la Champagne” suggests, she created the first vintage Champagne in 1810, the first riddling table in 1816 to speed up the clarifying process and improve the clarity of her wines, and created the first blended rosé in 1818. That was quite a feat for a woman back in the day. 

The blend “La Grande Dame 2015” pays tribute to Madame Clicquot. It respects Madame Clicquot’s vision of Pinot Noir, which is about 90% since 2008, using grapes from Historical Crus of the terroir. La Grande Dame 2015 is the 24th vintage since 1972, when Veuve Clicquot launched its first prestige cuvée to celebrate the House's bicentenary. The new La Grande Dame 2015 is in collaboration with Italian designer, Paola Paronetto. Drink responsibly through 2035.

When Madame Clicquot crafted the first known “rosé d’assemblage” by blending Bouzy red wine with her white wine. La Grande Dame Rosé 2012 respects her vision with 90% Pinot Noir, as well as a red wine added to the blend from the Parcelle “Clos Colin” in Bouzy, the oldest plot of Veuve Clicquot. The Champagne is now in its ninth edition. Drink responsibly now. 

However, the signature of  Veuve Clicquot is its Yellow Label. The Champagne is the Iconic Solar Brut created in 1877 by Edouard Werlé to differentiate it from competitors. The oldest bottle of Veuve Clicquot bearing a Yellow Label is a Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Dry 1893. It was found at Torosay Castle (Isle of Mull, Scotland) in 2000.

Château d’Yquem

The Sauvage family became full owners of Yquem in 1711 and in 1788, Françoise Joséphine de Sauvage d’Yquem took over the reins of managing the estate, after being widowed. By this time, Château d’Yquem wine was already much appreciated by famous connoisseurs of the period. A staunch opponent of the excesses of the French Revolution who was thrown into prison on two occasions, Sauvage managed to hold on to the family property and make Yquem prosper. She built a new wine cellar in 1826, an audacious step at the time, transforming the estate into a true business and developing its international reputation.

The 2021 Château d’Yquem was recently introduced to Thailand by The Wine Merchant and Lorenzo Pasquini, the Château d’Yquem’s estate manager. The dry wine comes from a vintage where the white wines in Bordeaux excelled. One of the most long-living releases from this Sauternes powerhouse. Enjoy responsibly from The Wine Merchant and at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. 

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