Sézanne in Tokyo is Asia’s best restaurant 2024

Sézanne in Tokyo is Asia’s best restaurant 2024

Thailand has 8 restaurants on the 1-50 list

Sézanne in Tokyo is Asia’s best restaurant 2024

Sezanne in Tokyo under the help of chef Daniel Calvert took the top spot at Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2024 in Seoul, South Korea, today.

Thailand did not fair too badly with eight restaurants on the 1-50 list, with Gaggan Anand, the country’s best at No.3. 

“I am not a one-hit wonder. I have the greatest comeback story in the last six years because I have been off the list and back in again. I have seen people's faces change towards me — the way they behave with me — when I was No.1 and when I was not on the list. 

“We re-opened on August 8, 2022, and it’s only been a year and a half and we are back on the list. 

“I think this is a big point to prove that even those people who are legendary, like David Thompson or other chefs that  they still can make a comeback. The world has gotten more way more competitive and that's a good thing. You have so many younger chefs like Tam from Baan Tepa and Chalee from Wanayook. Now we have eight restaurants from Thailand and that is great. I think that is important more than just one restaurant. 

“What the awards does for Indian food is make it even more exotic outside India. For example, you have restaurants like Gaa and Inddee that are fine dining, and four others who are not even given any accolades, as yet. Every week there is an Indian restaurant opening in Bangkok. All this makes Indian food exotic outside India. You see this trend everywhere in the world. Indian food has become fine dining and it’s not limited to Japanese, French or other cuisines.”

Last year’s No.1 Le Du dropped to No.12, however, chef Thitid “Ton” Tassanakajohn’s other restaurant, Nusara ranked No.6. Nusara also took home the Art Of Hospitality Award. 

“The 50 Best awards for me is not just about the list. It’s more about the camaraderie, which is why I look forward to the awards every year,” says chef Ton. 

“While it would be nice to be No.1 again, it’s about Thailand being in the spotlight. Last year was super crazy; a lot of which was brought about from being awarded the No.1 spot. But the minute the reservations start pouring in, it got less and less fun because all the diners  come with a lot of expectations. However, this helps us chefs to push ourselves to be better, as well. 

“I take this as a good thing. We don’t want people to come and feel disappointed. It’s also a good thing for Bangkok and the country, as a whole. Though there are a lot of restaurants from Thailand on the list, we are still not as many as those from Singapore, which has nine on the list. 

“The 50 Best award represents something positive, which is why I love them so much,” he added.  

Other Bangkok restaurants on the list are Suhring at No.7;  Sorn at No.11, Potong at No.17; Samrub Samrub Thai at No.29 and Baan Tepa at No.42. 

As chef Prin Polsuk from Samrub Samrub Thai puts it, “At our restaurant, the food we serve is from our hard job and long hours, but the last two ingredients before we serve it is happiness and love that we put in every plate. “

And that’s what it’s all about. 

Visit the complete list at theworlds50best.com.

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