Becky Russell: The empowered woman shared tips on balancing life, work and wellness

Becky Russell: The empowered woman shared tips on balancing life, work and wellness

Becky Russell: The empowered woman shared tips on balancing life, work and wellness

Ramida Russell Maneesatiean or Becky Russell, also known as Becky Risa, is an exemplary modern woman who has achieved success in both her career and personal life. She effectively manages her time while taking care of herself, her health, and her family.

Since taking on her new position as CCCO, Becky has been traveling the world for business negotiations, preparing for her PhD, and studying anti-aging. Her incredible time management skills are truly admirable.

As a dedicated and driven Executive Director and CCCO, Becky constantly travels both domestically and internationally for business negotiations. This reflects her dedication and commitment to driving business growth.

Becky shared that she is "preparing to graduate with a PhD," further demonstrating her commitment to self-improvement. She also dedicates time to studying anti-aging, which reflects her commitment to holistic and sustainable health and well-being. Becky believes in lifelong learning. 

In addition to her work as a presenter and moderator for various organizations, many people are unaware that Becky is also a Professional Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

"Coaching is quite challenging because it's about empowering the coachee to choose the right path. We coach them, not tell them what to do or not to do, because it's their life. When we coach them, we also learn from them and listen to them. It's another job that I love."

Becky also mentions that she is currently pursuing a PhD in Education from Chulalongkorn University. Why did she choose this field? "She actually enjoys teaching and wanted to be a teacher. It's like fulfilling a dream. Nowadays when she has a presentation or teaching opportunity, She feels alive when she holds the microphone. When she sees the audience gaining knowledge from her and exchanging ideas, She sometimes learn from teaching or presenting as well. 

“Teaching actually requires constant updating because the world is changing every day. Sometimes when we teach students, we have to keep up with them. They are always moving forward. General knowledge is important." Becky believes that "Learning never ends." If she is interested in something, she will learn as much as she can about it. For example, she decided to pursue another master's degree in Anti-Aging and Health Restoration. "As we get older and work so much, good health is essential. We believe that beauty comes from within, and it is important to take care of ourselves to look good. If we have expert knowledge in this area, we can not only take care of ourselves but also be a consultant for others who are interested."

Becky also shared that after she started taking care of herself with the  knowledge she gained from her studies, she saw results. Many people have noticed her and asked her what she did that she looks younger, healthier, and more radiant. She is proud of the results, and she is even happier when she can share her knowledge with others and see positive changes in them.

Becky has recently taken on a new position as Chief Corporate Image and Communications Officer (CCCO) at ICC International Public Company Limited. She shared that this is another position that requires a lot of communication and business negotiation skills. She also has to travel abroad frequently. However, she sees it as a great opportunity to learn new things and broaden her horizons, which is beneficial for the business.

Many people wonder how she manages to balance her time between work, business, studies, and taking care of herself and her family. 

Becky reveals that: "Prioritizing, planning, and managing time effectively, as well as a fearless attitude towards time management” are very important."

She also added that "getting enough quality sleep, eating a healthy diet, taking supplements, vitamins, and micronutrients, and exercising regularly are all good for both the body and mind and help you work more effectively."

Becky is an excellent example of a woman who has achieved success in both her career and personal life. She lives life to the fullest and is happy. She is an inspiration to modern women who want to create a balance in their lives and be filled with the positive energy of modern women in this era.

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