Sarran opens at River City Bangkok
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Sarran opens at River City Bangkok

Sarran opens at River City Bangkok
Life Studio. photo courtesy of River City Bangkok

Today is the grand opening of Life Studio and the flagship store of the famous brand Sarran, at Room 181 of River City Bangkok, Charoen Krung 24.

The newest studio is a transition into the heart of River City Bangkok and an inaugural housewarming since the inception of the brand over seven years ago.

Under the dedicated vision of designer Sarran Youkongdee, this studio is not just a showroom, but a beacon for aficionados of art-infused jewellery. It embodies the essence of Asian artistry fused with distinct design, epitomising the concept of "Art-to-Wear" in its truest sense.

In the embrace of the "New Sunrise" concept along the banks of the Chao Phraya River, viewers will witness flowers carefully cultivated to nurture graceful growth.

This locale is quintessential to new beginnings, flourishing and blossoming, and it instils values in women worldwide.

In this space, the designer shares stories that serve as the foundation and inspiration through the fusion of artefacts and cultures into the brand's identity. This includes experiences from journeys, the search for a reflective self through living, or the growth of people in Asia.

He translates these narratives into architecture, design, light and shadow, inviting everyone to explore the spirit of this new studio, which still harbours secrets and mysteries waiting to be discovered. Sarran is one of Thailand's finest creatives, globally acclaimed for pieces in the prestigious MAD Museum New York, and gaining a Tiffany & Co Foundation Award in 2018. He also designed the iconic jewellery headpiece worn by Lisa Blackpink in her debut solo single Lalisa.

Sarran Youkongdee. photo courtesy of River City Bangkok

For updates, check out @sarranofficial on Instagram.

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