Enhancing urban living with feng shui principles
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Enhancing urban living with feng shui principles

Enhancing urban living with feng shui principles
A rendering of Dusit Central Park.

Vimarn Suriya, developer of Dusit Central Park, reflected on the pinnacle of living from a feng shui perspective at the recent "The Harmonious Integration Of Architecture & Feng Shui" event, which revealed how this ancient wisdom was fused into modern architecture to promote pleasant and peaceful city living at The Residences at Dusit Central Park.

Somkiat Lo-Chindapong, deputy managing director of Architects 49 Limited (A49) who oversees concept design for Dusit Central Park, said: "The challenge was to fuse the project's world-class status with the legacy of Dusit Thani Bangkok and take on a multi-dimensional approach to feng shui integration. The positions and orientation of the buildings are slightly tilted and offset to provide unobstructed views from within. Natural cross ventilation is also enhanced by this layout and fins were used to optimise the amount of sunlight and external heat that enters the buildings.

"The layout of each unit is aligned with feng shui principles from the start, based on a belief that 'life forces are manageable through design'.

"Marrying the ancient know-how about wind and water with modern architecture ensures that each room in each unit has a magnificent window view and embraces positive life force from outside for better flow of positive wind and water energy from Lumpini Park as well as natural light from the Sun that brightens up the spaces without excess heat."

Somkiat Lo-Chindapong, left, and feng shui master Pennueng Wongphudon. photos courtesy of Dusit Central Park

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