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Big Bad Wolf Books fair returns with over a million titles on offer

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After being postponed earlier this year, the Big Bad Wolf Books Bangkok 2024 international book fair finally settled on its new venue at The Market Bangkok, Ratchaprasong Intersection (next to Big C Ratchadamri and opposite CentralWorld).

Running from today until June 4, the event promises to be a paradise for book lovers, offering a vast collection of over a million books in English and Thai from around the world at discounts of up to 95%. Whether you're seeking classic literature, best-selling novels, children's books, young adult fiction, non-fiction, philosophy, travel guides or cookbooks, the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale aims to satisfy every taste.

The origins of the Big Bad Wolf Books Sale can be traced back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where it was founded in 2009 by Jacqueline Ng and Andrew Yap. The couple's vision was to make books more accessible and inspire a love of reading in people of all ages. What started as a local event has now grown into a global phenomenon, reaching millions of book lovers in 37 cities in 15 countries around the world such as Cambodia, Pakistan, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates, and now the African book market with bases in Tanzania and Kenya.

"The Big Bad Wolf Books was inspired by a passion for books and a desire to make them more accessible to everyone," said Jacqueline Ng. "Over the years, the sale has evolved from a local event to a global phenomenon, reflecting the universal appeal of books and the increasing demand for affordable reading options worldwide."

Big Bad Wolf Books' co-founder Jacqueline Ng. (Photos: BookXcess)

Taking the Big Bad Wolf Books global was not without its challenges. From logistical issues to understanding market variations, Ng and Yap faced numerous obstacles. However, their strategic planning and adaptability have been key to their success.

"Expanding globally presented several challenges, including logistical issues and market variations," Ng explained. "Through strategic planning, partnerships with local organisations, and adapting to each region's unique needs, we were able to overcome these challenges and successfully introduce the sale to new markets."

Their success also hinged on building strong relationships with publishers and suppliers, ensuring a diverse range of books at discounted prices. This approach has been crucial in maintaining the sale's reputation for incredible discounts, sometimes up to 95%.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Big Bad Wolf Books is its ability to offer steep discounts while ensuring sustainability. This is achieved through economies of scale, favourable negotiations with publishers, and optimised operational efficiency.

"The business model focuses on high volume sales, allowing for lower profit margins per unit while still ensuring overall sustainability," said Ng. "By reaching a large audience and promoting reading culture, the sale indirectly contributes to the sustainability of the publishing industry by stimulating demand for books."

The mission of Big Bad Wolf Books is to make books more accessible and affordable worldwide, a goal that has the potential to significantly impact reading habits. By offering a wide selection of books at affordable prices, the sale encourages people to explore new genres, discover new authors and develop a lifelong love for reading.

"This, in turn, can lead to higher literacy rates, improved educational outcomes, and a more informed and engaged society," Ng noted.

"Affordable books play a crucial role in empowering individuals by providing access to knowledge, fostering critical thinking skills and expanding horizons."

For younger generations, books offer opportunities for intellectual growth, creativity and personal development. Big Bad Wolf Books aims to level the playing field by making books accessible regardless of economic status.

"By making books accessible regardless of economic status, the sale helps level the playing field and ensures that everyone has the chance to benefit from the transformative power of reading," Ng emphasised.

Looking to the future, Ng and Yap aspire to continue expanding the reach of Big Bad Wolf Books to new countries and markets. Their goal is to move 1 billion books worldwide, making books even more accessible to people around the globe.

"We aim to innovate and adapt to changing consumer preferences, always improving our event experience while staying true to our mission of promoting a reading culture," Ng said. "Ultimately, we hope to inspire millions more individuals to discover the joy of reading and make lifelong connections with books."

Since Big Bad Wolf Books first opened its doors in Bangkok in 2016, the excitement has been palpable. The fair offers an opportunity for readers to immerse themselves in a world of literature, with books spanning every genre and interest.

"Books can take you to any era and anywhere in the world," Ng reflected. "We want to use books as a spark and inspiration for readers of all ages to pursue their dreams."

The event's new location at The Market Bangkok, Ratchaprasong, provides a convenient and accessible venue for visitors. With its vast selection and unbeatable prices, the Big Bad Wolf Books sale promises to be an unmissable event for book enthusiasts in Bangkok and beyond. As Ng and her partner continue to champion the cause of affordable and accessible books, their vision for a world where everyone has the opportunity to read and learn remains steadfast.

"Nothing is impossible," Ng said with conviction. "We are committed to spreading the joy of reading and making a positive impact on communities around the world."

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