Skin organics

Skin organics

Zuii Organic make-up products uses natural ingredients derived from flowers


Wearing lipstick was problematic for Patra Shovityakool, whose dermatologist told her that she was allergic to something in the formulation that caused flaky lips.

Rose Beesey.

"When I went to university in the US, my health-conscious friends told me to try Zuii Organic, whose lipsticks come in fashionable colours. Now, I can wear lipstick without the problem of peeling lips," said Patra, who is guest lecturer on aeronautical engineering at Chulalongkorn University.

The average woman will eat up to 3kg of lipstick in her lifetime, Patra added, so she needs to take notice of the lipstick she wears.

Patra Shovityakool.

Impressed with the Australian brand, she met up with founder Rose Beesey and brought the make-up range to Thailand, opening counters at Siam Paragon and Emporium department stores.

"The cosmetic market in Thailand is very competitive but lacks non-toxic skincare and make-up products," Patra said. "Offering a full line of colourful make-up, Zuii Organic is an option for women who are allergic to normal cosmetics and are worried about toxic beauty."

Unlike other organic brands, Zuii Organic has about 150 products, with colours comparable to professional cosmetics. Products contain certified organic, natural ingredients free from parabens, talc and isopropyl alcohol. 

According to Beesey, parabens bind to oestrogen receptors and can mediate undesirable cellular growth, talc can increase the risk of ovarian cancer, while alcohol can cause skin corrosion. 

"Because chemical ingredients are not good for health, I wanted to offer something better and safer, through certified organic natural ingredients," said Beesey. "Zuii Organic is fun, serious and non-toxic, and is known for its colours, performance and stability, which are important in order to compete with other high-end brands."

Difficulties in formulation included finding an alternative to talc as a base for powder products. Research on flower petals led to the use of a blend of certified organic rose, jasmine and chamomile petals as a skin-nourishing powder base for foundation and blush.

"We encourage women to wear flowers on their faces, with the blend of flower petals caring for the skin and allowing it to breathe," said Beesey, who's been in the cosmetics industry since 1980.

The formulation also involves a signature blend of essential oils and extracts, as well as natural parabens serving as preservatives that allows a long shelf-life. Lipsticks are made from sunflower and jojoba seed oils, as well as aloe vera extract. 

"We source only the purest of ingredients whether oil, wax or shea butter. Mineral pigments are used to give the make-up its colours, which can be applied to create from natural to professional looks," said the brand founder.

Zuii refers to life, which relates to how beautiful skin is brought to life with flora make-up, added Beesey.

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