It's Bungee, Babe

It's Bungee, Babe

Stories to Tales offers first bungee dance in Asia

It's Bungee, Babe

You'd think that by now, with all the workout methods at our disposal, there isn't a muscle we haven't used. As a regular gym-goer and dedicated dabbler of fitness fads, I thought so -- until I signed up for a bungee dance class.

Stories to Tales Theatre is a new dance-based fitness studio overlooking Phrom Phong from the 9th floor of luxury office building Metropolis. Though just one room, it's a transformative, modern space that offers the illusion of boundlessness. The concept of Stories to Tales comes from accomplished dancer "Art" Sivavut Mathong, who started his career at the age of 16 and has since grand-jetted onto prestigious platforms in Hong Kong, Europe and America. Now wanting to spread the joys and benefits to dance back home, Art has designed a diverse curriculum for Stories to Tales, which includes hip hop, contemporary, ballet, yoga, Pilates and what you've been waiting to read about: bungee dance.

Stories to Tales is impressively the first to offer bungee dance in Asia. It is a form of aerial theatre that uses the same cord as bungee jumping. Secured in a harness, you are hoisted by your hips just enough to keep your feet on the ground at anchor point (the point directly beneath the cord) without straining. The further you move away from the anchor point, the more you will have to use your core to resist elastic retraction. Add in moves like repetitive floor-diving, and you'll understand why 30 minutes out of the 90-minute class was spent stretching for preparation.

Indeed, bungee forces you to get acquainted with your transverse abdominal muscles, a part of the body even seasoned dancers and athletes forget they have. But the point of bungee is not to think about anatomical technicalities. The point is to get lost in feeling like a superhero -- weightless, graceful and invincible. In addition, you get a sassy lesson in body language and theatrics. The class concludes with a full dance routine combining all the techniques you've learned to popular music, and don't you dare forget to slay with emotion!

If you'd like to take bungee fitness up a notch, you can also try it on a tarp wall. Vertical wall is slightly more advance because of the constant battling against gravity although not as unlimited in terms of movement. Ultimately, both are highly effective for weight loss and posture correction and, like all other classes at Stories to Tales, welcoming of all levels of fitness and form.

The price of defying gravity may be high with one session at B1,200, but an unlimited pass for one month at B5,900 is worth it if you're obsessed with levitation. There are also middle tier packages and other options for non-equipment-required dances.

Stories to Tales Theatre is open daily from 9am-9:30pm. Visit for schedules and more information. Class capacity is limited, so be sure to call 093-979-8791 and reserve your spot in advance.

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