Breathe easy with the Lung Care app

Breathe easy with the Lung Care app


'Am I being infected with Covid-19?" Many people ask themselves this question when they have symptoms such as a cough, fever and loss of smell. And in severe cases, coronavirus damages the lungs causing severe respiratory issues.

To help people test the health of their lungs easily, Assoc Prof Pattarasinee Bhattarakosol from the Computer Science Programme, Department of Mathematics, Chulalongkorn University, developed a new mobile application called Lung Care.

According to, Prof Pattarasinee created this inventive app because she has asthma. As a patient, whenever she saw a doctor, she had to blow into a Peak Flow Meter in order to measure how well air moved out of her lungs. The app is an alternative tool to test the strength of the lungs.

To use the app, start by taking a deep breath. Put your lips close to the microphone on the phone. Blow as hard as you can at the microphone three times. The result will be shown on-screen in three different levels -- green (80% to 100% peak flow rate), yellow (50% to 80%) and red (less than 50%). After testing over 37 cycles, it was found that the app has 97.6% accuracy.

Though the app was developed for asthma patients, heavy smokers, people who work at construction sites and those who work in dusty environments are recommended to use the app. And during the Covid-19 pandemic, others can use it to test the strength of their lungs as well.

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Lung Care is available at Google Play Store. For more information, go to or contact Line: @lungcare.

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