Glide and clean the room

Glide and clean the room

Dyson Omni-glide is Dyson's 2021 compact vacuum cleaner for city folks

Glide and clean the room
Dyson Omni-glide Dyson

Dyson has been coming up with new versions of their vacuum cleaner every few years, adding new features and functions along the way. For 2021, they have built a cordless compact vacuum that suits small rooms and condominiums.

Previous Dyson vacuum cleaners usually came with pretty gun-like handles and triggers. But this year, it is more like a short straight pole than a rifle. This design is lighter and friendlier for smaller people which makes it much easier to move around the floor or up the walls. It is light enough for an eight-year-old, like my daughter, to clean her bed with ease regularly.

The suction power may not be as strong compared to other Dyson vacuum cleaners (or other brands' full-size ones) I have previously used but it is strong enough to collect fine dust, cracker bits, bits of cat litter, pieces of string and things like that. However, sucking a whole piece of tissue paper or lumps of wet food will not be possible. I even managed to get rid of a wasp that somehow got into my bedroom using this Dyson Omni-glide. My family finds this to be a perfect tool to clean our beds, making them more comfortable to sleep on (with better hygiene). Since the dust container is transparent, it reveals what it has sucked up and I was amazed and mortified at the same time how much fine dust there was on my bed. What I saw was quite a lot of is grey powdery dust being sucked up daily. No wonder my daughters sneeze a lot. Dyson claims that it can capture 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

This unit came to me at a good time because we recently adopted two kittens, which has caused one of my daughters to sneeze like crazy before going to bed (she sleeps with them at night). After a few days of regular bed cleaning, the number of sneezes has gone down significantly, from seven down to one.

This vacuum cleaner comes with four suction heads varying from big to small. The biggest one is the most flexible of the bunch and it can glide in all directions on the floor and lie flat and clean tight spots like under the shelves, cupboards, sofas or between furniture. My favourite one is a smaller fixed head that is suitable for bed cleaning. The two bigger heads have twirling rollers with bristles to sweep off dust and debris off the surface making dust collection a little more effective. The other two are pretty much tubes to poke into corners or to use to clean desks. The biggest head can easily be taken apart for cleaning as well. Very nifty.

Talking about the dust container compartment, this is the easiest vacuum cleaner that I ever emptied out. I just need to remove the suction head, press a red button on the side and slide down the dust compartment to throw out the dust. I think this convenience is a must for compact vacuum cleaners since they can only collect a limited amount of dust and debris before you need to empty it. The machine also has a fine dust filter that collects very tiny particles that can be washed off later too.

Speaking of cleaning the machine, the bin, filter, brush bar and any tools without electronic components can be taken apart and be cleaned with water.

Dyson Omni-glide Dyson

The provided charging dock is easy to attach to walls and took me around five minutes to set up. This dock lets you charge the vacuum cleaner on a vertical surface and helps to "hide" the machine away. In my case, I put it behind my bedroom door. In the beginning, I was quite concerned that it may not be able to cling to my wall for long, but after several dozen of docking sessions, it never came smashing down to the floor to my relief.

Since this thing has no handle and you are supposed to grab it around a straight bar, it may slip and go flying off if used with wet hands (but it may go without saying that using any electrical devices with wet hands is a no-no). The good thing about this design is that you can easily swap hands to continue the session. This straight bar handle also hosts the machine's rechargeable battery, which you can remove and charge in the dock or replace if needed.

The battery will last only around 18 minutes (and less when you turn on turbo mode) with constant use which is nowhere near the amount of time it will take you to clean the whole house. So, this is more of a gadget to quickly clean one of your rooms or dust in your car on a regular basis more than major house cleaning.

The noise the machine makes is not too loud but is enough to scare kittens away.

Dyson has a shop in most department stores making it easy to get replacement parts or make repairs if needed.

My family has another vacuum cleaner in our house and this one has become the go-to that gets used on most occasions due to its light weight and the convenience of not needing to find a nearby power cord.

So, if you are starting city life in an apartment or have to clean up after your family on a regular basis, the Dyson Omni-glide is the perfect cord-free vacuum cleaner to own.


Suction power: 50AW at 105,000rpm

Bin volume: 0.2 litre

Run time: Up to 20 minutes

Charge time: 3.5 hours

Length: 107cm

Width: 9.2cm

Weight: 1.9kg

Price: 15,900 baht

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