Apple stages surprise product launch
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Apple stages surprise product launch

New MacBook Pro and Mac Mini introduced in rare January event

Apple stages surprise product launch
Apple in June last year introduced a major overhaul to its popular MacBook Air laptops, featuring the faster M2 processor from its homegrown chip line. (Reuters File Photo)

Apple Inc on Tuesday unveiled new MacBooks powered with the latest M2 Pro and M2 Max chips made in-house, in a surprise announcement ahead of its traditional launch event.

As well, a new Mac Mini starting at $599, cheaper than the latest iPhone 14 series, will be available from Jan 24, it said. Apple did not provide pricing information for the laptops.

The performance of the new MacBook Pro is six times faster than the Intel-based MacBook Pro, according to Apple.

The company traditionally has four launch events in a year, with the first spring event scheduled in March, when it launches its iMacs and accessories.

Apple is actively working on adding touch screens to its Mac computers, Bloomberg News reported last week, citing people familiar with the project.

The first touch-screen Mac could be launched as soon as 2025 as part of an update to the MacBook Pro, the report said.

Apple is reportedly planning to start using its own custom displays in mobile devices as early as 2024, an effort to reduce its reliance on technology partners like Samsung and LG and bring more components in-house.

Apple shares have fallen this month from a September peak near $175 and are currently trading around $135, amid delays in production of iPhones and concern that demand is weakening.

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