Huawei showcases smart city innovations

Huawei showcases smart city innovations

Pushing Thailand towards the next generation of smart cities

Huawei showcases smart city innovations

Huawei strengthens its position on fully enabling Thailand to become a smart city, showcasing various innovations and cutting-edge technology and partnering up with Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) to set up a special "Thailand Smart City Expo 2023" seminarand accelerating digital transformation for the cities in Thailand.

Mr. David Li, CEO of Huawei Technologies Thailand, outlined Huawei’s commitment for the smart city initiative, "Smart city is featured as Human-oriented, Technology-driven, Value-sharing society that realizes the well-being of individuals, including safety, education, health, wealth, symbiosis, etc. As a result, enabling digital transformation is regarded as an important approach for transforming any city into a smart city, using digital and intelligent technologies to serve and manage all areas of human society, and drive economic activities and social life. Additionally, it could improve the convenience and standard of living for Thai people. This aligns with Huawei Thailand’s mission on fostering sustainable growth and collaboration with partners across all sectors to push Thailand towards achieving its goal of becoming the future digital hub of ASEAN."

Huawei and depa collaborated to host the exclusive seminar "Thailand Smart City 2023 Forum" under the theme "Accelerating Intelligence of Smart City: to enhance the quality of life". The event brought together the President of depa as well as senior industry experts and professionals to share the trends and strategies that can transform Thailand’s cities in a tangible way. 

At the forum, Mr. Sheldon Wang, Vice President of Enterprise Business Group, Huawei Technologies Thailand, noted that: the Architecture for Intelligent Transformation of Smart Cities consists of Intelligent Sensing, Intelligent Connectivity, Intelligent Foundation, Intelligent platforms, AI Large Models, and Intelligent Applications. We aim for inclusive public services and intelligent governance by promoting the intelligent transformation of education, healthcare, public services and omni safety. 

In addition, Huawei showcased its latest innovations and technologies for smart cities at Thailand Smart City Expo 2023. Visitors were also invited to explore the "Smart City Intelligent Operation Center", which integrates GIS geo-information data, BIM building information model, IoT perception data, service data, and alarm data to build a full-factor intelligent digital twin city, it effectively improves the efficiency of cross-department decision-making and resource coordination for the city administrator.

The cutting-edge innovations and solutions which are currently being implemented in Thailand and across other countries were exhibited across three designated zones: Zone 1, Public Services, highlighted the capabilities of the intercity communication system that immediately coordinates and prepares for emergencies; Zone 2, Omni Safety, is a comprehensive safety system that incorporates vocal-, data-, and image-based technological features that can function cohesively as a singular system, facilitating intelligent disaster relief systems while also acting as smart poles that serve multiple purposes, including as measurement sensors, intelligent vision, and emergency alert systems to enhance the safety of neighborhoods; and Zone 3, AI for Government, which is a remarkable feature that leverages AI technology to improve various fields of operation, including weather forecasting, research, and data analysis to increase agricultural productivity and public service applications. 

The Thailand Smart City 2023 Expo is currently underway and jointly hosted by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society together with depa. The event introduces the comprehensive concept of smart cities, which includes establishing a solid foundation for a city and developing a public service system that is smart and capable of reaching out to remote regions. Guests are cordially invited to check out the technological advancements and smart city innovations while engaging in fun activities at Huawei’s booth located in Zone C01, Hall 4 of the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, during 22-24 November 2023. For more information, please visit

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