New Airbus has near-miss landing at Phuket
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New Airbus has near-miss landing at Phuket

New Airbus has near-miss landing at Phuket
The first A350-WX was delivered to Thai Airways International by Airbus in July, and the plane began flights in late August, inside Thailand. (File photo)

The pilot of the brand new Thai Airways International wide-body Airbus had a near miss landing at Phuket airport Wednesday evening, Thai-language newspapers reported.

The report said that while landing in bad weather at Phuket on a flight from Bangkok, a last-second wind shear forced the Airbus A350-WX aircraft off the runway briefly.

While still hurtling along at landing speed, the pilot reportedly pulled the aircraft out of the grassy verge and back onto the runway.

There were no casualties among the 140 passengers and crew, and no damage to the aircraft was reported by Thai media.

The Airbus A350-WX is a new plane, still undergoing familiarity flights inside Thailand, on the Bangkok-Phuket and Bangkok-Chiang Mai legs.

An investigation was launched Wednesday night to determine the exact cause of the incident.

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