Destination - or Destiny?
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Destination - or Destiny?

Destination - or Destiny?

Your chance to cut yourself off from the world awaits you on Cape Fahn Private Islands Hotel. This is a range of independent luxury villas, each with its own plunge pool, on two small islands off the coast of Koh Samui.

Pool villas dot the island giving a sense of seclusion mixed with the feeling of community that life on a private island promotes. Be alone or meet friends old and new.  It is for you alone to choose.

From the poolside of the Ocean View Pool Villas the unfathomable prospect of endless blue sea provides a sense of exhilaration and meaning that you have long been yearning for. The tasteful interior offers the comfort of constant relaxation, a place of quiet and calm where you can rediscover the true you.

The salt water pools, one for adults only and another for children, are only a part of the luxury facilities that you will find at Cape Fahn Hotel. Bathed in the warm tropical sun from morning to evening, this is a site of unimaginably luxurious comfort.

The needs of the body as well as the soul are not overlooked with the excitingly different ‘bistronomic’ cuisine of our acclaimed chef and the ministrations of the professional therapists in the Cape Spa.  All in all, a  visit to Cape Fahn Hotel is a voyage of discovery in many, many ways.

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