Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun

A myriad of outdoor adventures, cultural experiences and shows, Club Med Bali caters to people of all ages

Fun in the sun

"You'll have so much fun," said friends the moment I announced that I was going to Club Med. Truer words were never spoken. If you haven't been to a Club Med ever, I highly suggest booking a trip right now. Yes, even before reading this article! Club Med Bali Resort is on Nusa Dua beach on Indonesia's island of grace. It is an all-inclusive holiday experience like no other, which means plenty of fun in the sun without you having to worry about the nitty-gritties that a holiday general brings.


A warm welcome by almost all the staff is just the thing to make you feel at home at a resort. Though Club Med doesn't call itself a resort, it refers to itself as a "village", with the general manager being the "chief". While all this sounds very clan-ish, it is exactly how it is intended. No one is left out of the clan. The key to the kingdom in the form of a waterproof bracelet is next. This not only opens your room but makes you one of the huge family at Club Med. Everyone has one and you're not supposed to take it off until check-out! Home to the longest beachfront in Nusa Dua, Club Med is the ultimate playground, age aside.


Rooms are a choice of Superior, Deluxe and Suites. It is important to note that regardless of the rooms chosen, everyone has access to everything equally. And, trust me, you're not going to spend much time in your room anyways. The all-inclusive full-board dining includes a buffet breakfast at The Agung, which is also the main restaurant that serves lunch and dinner. Each meal is an extravagant affair with cuisines from all parts of the world being served. There is something for everyone! If you're in the mood for something light, head to The Deck -- Gourmet Lounge, where set meals are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In case you're worried about getting hungry between meals, look out for the Makan On Wheels food truck, which serves local delicacies and snacks. Insider's tip: Between 3-6pm, the truck is strategically placed near the Zen Pool aka the adult pool.

The village has partnered with local farmers to boost agro-ecological practices, reduce its carbon footprint and support the economic independence of small-scale suppliers, which also ensures that guests enjoy fresh, organic produce during meal times.

There is never a dull moment in the village and there are activities to suit all ages, at any given time. Though, if you want to relax by the pools with a bubbly, you can, too. The main pool is the largest and host to all the water activities that aren't on the beach. I highly suggest taking the water aerobics class in the mid-mornings, if only to be inspired by the instructor's six-pack! (Wink!) The long and wide stretch of beach is ideal for walks and for paddle boarding, should you feel slightly energetic. There is daily beach volleyball and other beachside sports to get you off the beach loungers. If you've always wanted to trapeze, this is the place, though you may have to give the kids first preference. For those less strenuous activities, there are cooking classes, sculpture and painting.

Club Med is a haven for children (and the child in you). The different children's clubs are for kids of all ages to enjoy during the day. The major entertainment begins nightly at 9pm with a different variety show performed by all the staff, catering to all age groups. This is followed by a huge themed party so remember to check the schedule and pack accordingly. I can promise you're going to have fun like never before. Every evening is exhilarating and unlike the previous one.


The one golden take is to note that Club Med Bali isn't for Bali first-timers and it is impossible to get bored of your surroundings during your stay. In fact, there aren't enough days in a week for the complete experience! But if you simply have to leave the village, go on a spiritual break, 40 minutes away. The Uluwatu temple not only offers the serenity that only Bali can, it also offers a 360° view, from the surfers navigating the ocean waves, towards the neighbouring island of Lombok.


The moment I left, I wanted to come back and that feeling hasn't left me. Such is the spirit of the village. If you want to experience the village for the day, there is a day pass available. Club Med is offering a no-change fee on new bookings until Oct 31 and upto seven days before departure. With no additional charges for one time only, you can rebook a stay to be completed by April 30, 2023 at all Club Med resorts worldwide. Visit

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