Doing Singapore in style

Doing Singapore in style

Andaz Singapore, where luxury meets local heritage

Doing Singapore in style

A weekend break is always nice and it is nicer if it is to Singapore. It is nicest when now and again we remind ourselves of how an efficient world works and this is one of the main reasons I go to Singapore. Breath in the clean air, feel the sea breeze on your face, let your eyes soak in all the green, despite being in the city, and indulge the palate. Though one is spoilt for hotel choices in Singapore, Andaz is a great hotel to begin my post-Covid sojourn in the island-nation, in the heart of the Lion City.

First Impressions

The first thing that you notice when entering the ground floor lobby is the casualness of the hotel. Up the elevator to the 17 floor and it gets even better. This isn’t a traditional lobby check-in, this is a 2023 check-in — friendly, fast and efficient. I was done in 2 minutes and came away with my room key and the business card of the person checking me in… in case I needed any assistance during my stay. Now, that's what I call service!

Staying In

Featuring locally-inspired designs in warm russet and mustard tones and wood-style tiling by architect Andre Fu. What will impress you the most as soon as you open the door to your room is the floor-to-ceiling windows that open up to views of the city. I had a fantastic view of the sea — the best view in an urban jungle. 

The rooms are fitted with a daybed and a round table, which is perfect for in-room dining and working. The bathroom includes a rain shower, though perhaps the only minus in a room this nice is the lack of a bathtub, but we all know that in Singapore, space is a premium. 

Andaz Singapore, the first Andaz to open in Southeast Asia, is in with the times, it practises sustainability and all rooms have their own drinking water tap, near the sink. What is even better is that the hotel provides a bottle, that you can take home, for water and use during your trip. With it’s hot and humid climate, always keeping hydrated is the key to exploring the Lion City. 

Going a step further, all the windows are also dotted to save the Earth. The solar dots on the glass windows reduce heat generated by the sharp sun, which means your in-room air conditioning works more efficiently than without the dots. Bonus points, Andaz! 

Nothing makes the day brighter than having breakfast in a restaurant where the yellow furniture brings out one's sunny side! Breakfast at Alley On 25 is a treat with a huge spread of a little bit of Asian and Western. For me, a good breakfast is when local breakfast favourites are on the menu, and Andaz Singapore doesn’t fail. The highlight of the most important meal of the day is the teh tarik, served on a cart of its own. Teh tarik, which translates to “pulled tea" is a hot milk tea beverage from Singapore and Malaysia. The Auntie’s Laksa offers the country’s classic for breakfast and the fragrant broth is creamy with fresh prawns and fish cake. 

5 On 25 offers "refined Cantonese cuisine" in a modern upscale setting. But it is the first look at the exquisite tableware that sparks joy and envy. The signature tea (served in a beautiful teapot) is a delightfully refreshing blend of oolong, goji berries, osthmanthus, longan and a precious snow chrysanthemum. Sunday lunches are always a family affair at Chinese restaurants and the dim sum spread is the reason at 5 On 25. Though if you were to eat just one dish, I would highly recommend the Double-boiled fish maw soup, dried scallop, top shell and wolfberries, otherwise known as the "beautifying soup". Aside from what the collagen in the soup does for your skin, the soup is delicious! 

The rooftop bar, Mr Stork, is where one can enjoy sundowners during golden hour and houses 10 teepee huts inspired by the nests built by its namesake bird. If you prefer dinner and a view, Level 38 is where it’s at. 665°F is the hotel’s steakhouse specialising in prime meats, including beef aged in-house and sustainable seafood grilled in a Pira oven. The Cellar, a dining extension within the restaurant, also offers stunning bay views. Bar Square is the lobby bar and offers a curated menu of Asian-inspired cocktails and bar bites. 

Going Out

Nestled between Kampong Glam and Bugis, Andaz Singapore is a great location, with Bugis MRT stations being exactly 755 feet away. Bugis Junction is also a short walk and if you’re not one for the sun, use the underground. Sultan Mosque is 1,148 feet, while Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple and Suntec City Convention Center are 2,297 feet away.

Final Verdict

If you need a centrally located hotel in Singapore, Andaz offers all the luxuries. The personal service is a plus and always welcome. For offers, visit It's almost time for a weekend getaway!

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