Japan Airlines offers JAL Japan Explorer Pass for non-residents

Japan Airlines offers JAL Japan Explorer Pass for non-residents

Thai travellers can fly domestically within Japan at special fares

Japan Airlines offers JAL Japan Explorer Pass for non-residents

Besides flying directly between Thailand's Suvarnabhumi Airport and Japan's Haneda, Narita and Kansai Airports, Japan Airlines is now offering a special pass called JAL Japan Explorer Pass for Thai and non-resident travellers.

It is designed for visitors who wish to explore different regions of Japan with ease through an expansive network of JAL's domestic routes. 

If you can afford a two-week trip to Japan (believe me there's enough of Japan to justify a lengthy stay), Japan Airlines offers a special pass for visitors to fly from Tokyo all the way up north to Sapporo and Kushiro or down south to Okinawa or Miyako Island.  

JAL Japan Explore Pass comes in three price tiers, depending on where you take off and land within Japan, but not necessarily categorised by distance. Flights within Hokkaido Island and flights between destinations within the Tohoku Region are the most affordable tier. Flights between Tokyo and Osaka or Shirahama, as well as flights between Okinawa and Kumejima, Miyako and Ishigaki islands are of the second tier. The third tier includes the rest of JAL's domestic flights. 

You can fly economy for almost two hours from Tokyo to Sapporo or fly for less than one hour from Okinawa to Miyako Island. The pass offers considerable savings compared to regular fares and is handy for those who wish to visit multiple cities or regions in one trip. 

Regardless of the flight time, JAL has claimed the number one spot for the World's Best Economy Class Airlines and the World's Best Economy Class Seats at the Skytrax World Airlines Awards 2023. 

To be eligible for the pass, non-Japanese passengers must have roundtrip international tickets and set arrival and departure dates. Booking of domestic flights in Japan with the pass must be done via Japan Airlines' website.

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