Go on an adventure with new (and free) guidebook

Go on an adventure with new (and free) guidebook

TAT introduces 'Walking Bangkok' to help you find hidden gems

Go on an adventure with new (and free) guidebook

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has released "Walking Bangkok", a PDF guidebook for those who would like to explore the capital by walking and using public transport.

The 21-page e-book offers nine routes such as a walking tour in Yaowarat with MRT Wat Mangkorn as your base, a riverside exploration in Kudi Chin, Khlong Ong Ang and Phahurat neighbourhoods by boats and a walking tour to key cultural sites in Rattankosin Island with MRT Sam Yod as your base. 

Whatever your interest may be — be it cafe hopping, museum hopping, wat hopping (it's a thing in Thailand), shopping spree — Walking Bangkok has you covered. There are QR codes for each route whose link will send you to Google Maps where the route will be pre-marked for you so you can start exploring right away. 

While these nine routes contain obvious choices, there are also some hidden gems worth checking out too. For example, the Pig Memorial and Pi Kun Bridge on Rachinee Road. These curious landmarks were built in 1913, the year of Queen Saovabha Phongsri's 50th birth anniversary, in her honour. The memorial becomes — yes, you've guessed it — a place of worship where people come to pray for blessings and make a wish. 

Think you have Siam all figured out? The Rama I route will show you how to get to Chaloemla Park, the unofficial graffiti park of Bangkok. Also, it reveals the nine deities at the Ratchaprasong Intersection you should check out for an auspicious start in 2021 while running up your pedometer.

Too bad the guidebook is in Thai only. Look up Walking Bangkok on Facebook. 

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