Roi Et holds sacred Boon Phaves ceremony

Roi Et holds sacred Boon Phaves ceremony

Roi Et holds sacred Boon Phaves ceremony
Boon Phaves.

In the northeastern town of Roi Et, Buddhist pilgrims will be gathering for the sacred Boon Phaves ceremony, which takes place from March 15-17 at Bueng Phlan Chai lake.

On March 15, visitors can participate in a holy longevity ritual and the Phaves Flag competition in which Buddhist beliefs are woven into Isan-style flags. In order to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune, the Phra Uppakhut procession will march from Wat Bueng Phlan Chai to the ritual venue. According to legend, enlightened monk Phra Uppakhut was born 218 years after the passing of Lord Buddha and was able to vanquish devils.

On March 16, a procession which includes 22 elephants and 2,101 performers will be the main attraction. There will also be a culinary demonstration for khao pun (rice noodle) and khao tom mad (steamed sticky rice and banana wrapped in banana leaves), cultural performances and "Boon Phawade The Musical" light and sound show.

On the last day, monks will recite the Mahachat sermon, a 13-chapter narrative that recounts the story of Phra Vessantara, the Lord Buddha's most recent incarnation, from sunrise to sunset. Villagers believe that those who listen to all 13 chapters of the sermon in one day and properly offer objects of worship will be born again in the time of Phra Sri Ariya Metrai, the future Buddha.


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Following the success of the "Merlion On Vacation" campaign last year, M Social Phuket introduces the Vacay Collection In Decentraland, allowing vacationers to fully immerse themselves in the virtual paradise of Phuket.

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Enjoy the flowering season in Chichibu Valley

Just an 80-minute train ride from Tokyo, visitors can indulge in the natural beauty of Chichibu Valley in the western part of Saitama Prefecture, home to historical sites dating back to the Warring States era of 1467-1558 as well as cultural treasures.

Until early March, the lush mountainous lands are covered with a vivid sea of various plants that are in full bloom. A carpet of some 2,000 yellow wintersweet flowers blanket Hodosan Robai Park and the top of Hodo Ropeway in Nagatoro as far as the eye can see.

Chichibu Muse Park and the Hodosan Ume Hyakkaen in Nagatoro serve as charming settings for selfies, while Japanese apricot varieties are forming pink and white tunnels to greet tourists amid gentle winter breezes.

Visit chichibu-omotenashi.

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