Hong Kong spotlights its marine heritage
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Hong Kong spotlights its marine heritage

Hong Kong spotlights its marine heritage

This month, Hong Kong pays homage to the city's marine heritage which means visitors can enjoy a wide range of charming cultural festivals and brand-new pyro and drone shows.

Since last week, Victoria Harbour has been illuminated with vibrant Pyrotechnic Display at night and a newly curated drone show will be launched this Saturday to add an extra layer of enchantment to the festivities.

To commemorate Buddha's birthday, worshippers at the famous Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island will get a chance to engage in a public Buddha bathing ritual until May 15. The Buddha's Birthday Carnival will take place on May 15 at Victoria Park allowing visitors to enjoy cultural performances, fun games, arts, charity initiatives and Asian cuisine.

On the same day, the neighbourhood of Shau Kei Wan will host the Tam Kung Festival to pay respect to the deity of seafarers and fishermen. It features colourful processions, traditional lion dances and thanksgiving opera performances, while pilgrims may visit the temples and pray for blessings, safety, and good fortune.

To mark the end of spring, visitors can participate in the Cheung Chau Bun Festival on May 15 and 16 and witness the Piu Sik Parade, where local children will dress as deities and show their acrobatic skills on stilts. This colourful procession will set the stage for the Bun Scrambling Competition in which participants will ascend bun-covered towers to seek good fortune and ward off evil spirits.

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Hae Nak Hot.

Chaiyaphum marks Hae Nak Hot ritual

The Ban Non Salao-Non Than community in the northeastern town of Chaiyaphum have managed to conserve the Hae Nak Hot (Brutal Ordination Parade) ritual, which continues until tomorrow.

Located in Phu Khieo district, all novices will show their will to become monks by participating in a hair shaving ceremony at 8am and sitting in a long procession of severely swaying bamboo stretchers to Wat Ta Khaek at 2pm. They will be allowed to undergo the ordination ceremony if they can safely make it to the temple without falling down.

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Yasothon Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival.

Yasothon celebrates Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival

From tomorrow until Sunday, the Bun Bang Fai Rocket Festival in the northeastern town of Yasothon will honour indigenous wisdom and rich Isan culture.

On Chaeng Sanit Road, villagers will display creativity in a procession of beautifully decorated rockets and a Bang Fai dance poetry competition. This year's festival also features a cheerleading competition, Bang Fai pageants and several cultural performances.

On Sunday, visitors can gather at Phya Thaen Park and experience a "fancy rocket" launch show and a "sky-high rocket" contest. To celebrate the beginning of the rice-farming season, locals will shoot rockets into the sky to worship Phya Thaen, the god of rain.

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Centara Life.

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