Loei honours ancestors
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Loei honours ancestors

Loei honours ancestors

From Thursday to Saturday, the Ban Na Sao community in Loei province celebrates Isan tradition with the Phi Khon Nam Festival to honour the spirit of their ancestors, show gratitude to buffaloes for working hard and ask the rain to mark the beginning of rice farming.

Today, villagers will gather at Wat Pho Sri in Chiang Khan district and donate money for the construction of a new sermon hall before a colourful procession of floral floats and a thrilling mobile music stage by Shabu Music starts at 3pm.

On Friday, villagers will wear vibrant buffalo-inspired ghost masks with big ears and horns, costumes made from long-sleeved shirts and coloured fabric strips, and wooden buffalo bells around their hips. The procession will start at 9.09am and go from Wat Sri Phon to Wat Pho Sri where the opening ceremony will be hosted at 11am. In the afternoon, visitors can see rockets and enjoy a parade of music trucks by Q Sound On Tour as well as a free molam concert by Isaan On-son Silp.

Visit facebook.com/Tatloeioffice.

Chumphon hosts balloon festival

When night falls, Nong Yai Area Development Royal Project in the southern town of Chumphon province will be illuminated with "Chumphon Balloons Festival 2024", from tomorrow to May 28.

It's a collaboration between the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the Chumphon Provincial Administrative Organisation, Tourism Council of Chumphon and Chumphon Tourism Business Association.

From 6pm to 9pm, the reservoir and irrigation canals will be trimmed with a million lights and each night visitors can enjoy a dazzling display of seven enormous balloons in various designs that evoke a romantic ambience. There's also live music performances and street food available.

Call 077-502775-6 or visit facebook.com/Tatchumphonoffice.

Bhutan removes mandatory travel insurance

Bhutan has declared it will no longer require travellers to have insurance. During the Covid-19 pandemic, travellers to Bhutan were mandated to have insurance to cover unanticipated problems including pandemic-related medical costs.

Nonetheless, people should get travel insurance as a safety measure in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Visit bhutan.travel or facebook.com/destinationbhutan.

TAT strengthens collaboration with UnionPay

The TAT and UnionPay International have signed a Letter of Intent to strengthen collaboration in promoting Thailand travel experiences to Chinese visitors and UnionPay cardholders.

For two years, TAT and UnionPay will work together on co-funding collaborative marketing campaigns, joint promotions and data sharing that targets high-end customers. To promote Thailand's tourism, specific marketing and outreach efforts towards UnionPay's high-tier client base including Platinum or Diamond cardholders will be launched to increase spending.

"This TAT-UnionPay International agreement supports the Thai government's tourism policy to forge long-term strategic partnerships with leading players in key tourist markets. China is one of Thailand's largest markets. Following the visa-free policy for Chinese tourists, further enhancement of cooperation with Chinese counterparts will help facilitate travel as well as develop and promote quality tourism experiences in Thailand for Chinese visitors," said Thapanee Kiatphaibool of the TAT.

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