Atiya Achakulwisut

Columnist for the Bangkok Post

Atiya Achakulwisut is a columnist for the Bangkok Post.

Atiya Achakulwisut
26 Oct 2021

Reopening glitz and glam needs a backup plan

It sure is exciting that Thailand-born K-pop megastar Lisa of Blackpink, or Lalisa Manobal, has agreed to perform for a New Year countdown event in Phuket.

26 Oct 2021 27
19 Oct 2021

Our reopening looms, but are we really ready?

The country is set to reopen in two weeks but only two million, affordable rapid test kits have been made available and through only eight retail outlets of the Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO), all located in Bangkok.

19 Oct 2021 48
12 Oct 2021

'Squid Game' rings true in our new reality

The warning does come across like a sick joke. Following the popularity of Netflix’s series Squid Game, deputy police spokesman Pol Col Kissana Phathanacharoen told parents to beware of violence seen in the show.

12 Oct 2021 18
29 Sep 2021

Thamanat saga allows peek into the PM's mind

Is the game over? The three Big Ps -- Gen Prayut, Gen Prawit and Gen Anupong aka Big Pok -- seem to have secured power as they vowed to be brothers till death do they part while the deposed former deputy agriculture minister Thamanat Prompow appears to have faded away.

29 Sep 2021 60
Thamanat saga allows peek into the PM's mind
7 Sep 2021

Are we ready for compulsory vaccine passes?

With just nine million people fully vaccinated or about 13% of the entire population, will such a policy unfairly discriminate those who have not had a chance to take both doses or to any at all?

7 Sep 2021 16
Are we ready for compulsory vaccine passes?
31 Aug 2021

Life returning to 'normal', but for how long?

So life will return to something like normal tomorrow. We can have our hair cut, finally. Public parks will reopen along with shopping malls. Those with aching legs can make an appointment for a foot massage, and so on.

31 Aug 2021 24
Life returning to 'normal', but  for how long?
24 Aug 2021

Govt's 'speak up' against graft push ill-timed

Had the campaign "Speak up to end corruption" emerged ten years ago, it might have had some effect.

24 Aug 2021 46
17 Aug 2021

Is 'fake news' hunt a Covid distraction?

With new Covid-19 infections shooting past 20,000 and deaths hovering at around 200 a day, what does Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha do?

17 Aug 2021 38
10 Aug 2021

Govt living in fear of its own frightful errors

If members of the government were to uphold the same ethical standards they often preach to the people, they would have hung their heads in shame after the Civil Court's injunction last week.

10 Aug 2021 70
3 Aug 2021

Govt behind curve as Covid war heats up

'The war has changed," an internal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) memo obtained by The Washington Post warned, saying that Delta infections will likely be more severe as the variant has become "so contagious it acts almost like a different novel virus", spreading more quickly than the common cold while causing more severe illness.

3 Aug 2021 54