Arusa Pisuthipan

Deputy editor of the Life section

Arusa Pisuthipan is the deputy editor of the Life section of the Bangkok Post.

Arusa Pisuthipan
7 Sep 2020

Vaccine promise doesn't mean guard can be let down

When it comes to Covid-19, Thais might think they have a few reasons to celebrate. First, the country made a record of 102 days without domestic transmission. The slow rising curve in infections is the result of returnees importing the infection from abroad, however, they are made to stay in state quarantine facilities.

7 Sep 2020 3
22 Jun 2020

Fight hate with love

Martin Luther King Jr once said: "Through violence you may murder the hater, but you can't murder hate." This statement could not be more true, especially today in a world full of unrest triggered by discrimination and intolerance towards diversity of any kind.

22 Jun 2020 37
13 Apr 2020

The greatest test

Songkran is strange this year. There will be no water war where people dowse buckets of water on each other to cool off from the summer heat. We are encouraged to stay home and not to visit our old parents. Or if we do, we have to stay at least 2m away from them.

13 Apr 2020 1
3 Feb 2020

Whoops apocalypse

Only two months in and it seems the world in 2020 is nearer to doomsday than ever before.

3 Feb 2020 2
25 Nov 2019

This time, it's serious

Thailand's road map on plastic waste management has never been clearer.

25 Nov 2019
30 Sep 2019

Declaring war on plastic waste

In 1950, the world had a population of 2.5 billion. They produced roughly 1.5 million tonnes of plastic each year, according to Surfers Against Sewage, one of the United Kingdom’s most active environmental charities.

30 Sep 2019 5
26 Aug 2019

When the carrot works more than the stick

If Marium, the famous eight-month-old orphaned dugong, was able to speak, she might ask what she had done to deserve being fed all that plastic.

26 Aug 2019
15 Jul 2019

Coming to terms with what's in your head

After a verse about fresh nuts sold at a floating market in Thailand -- yet sung by the world's darling chipmunk brothers Chip and Dale -- took social media by storm, people started to share comments about how they could not get the music out of their head.

15 Jul 2019
13 May 2019

Show them the way

It's something of a surprise that, until now, the United Nations has never released a recommendation on physical activity for children under the age of five. Now, at least, the international agency realises that it is important to have proper guidelines for little ones who, after all, represent the future of our planet.

13 May 2019
Show them the way
18 Feb 2019

Zombie land

In the Netflix original series Kingdom, the virtuous crown prince Lee Chang gallops off to a faraway land in search of an ancient doctor to help him unravel the mysterious circumstances of his father's death. Meanwhile, a wicked nobleman tries to resurrect the king for his own nefarious purposes. But in so doing, he turns the dead king into a bloodthirsty zombie. And we all know what a zombie bite does to its victim. A zombie plague ensues, spreading throughout the land.

18 Feb 2019 5