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Anchalee Kongrut is Bangkok Post's editorial pages editor.

Anchalee Kongrut
26 Nov 2022

Did Apec elite taste enough of Thailand?

What lasting benefits will Thailand enjoy having just wrapped up its hosting of Apec 2022 -- a global trade forum held in Bangkok last week? How will the much-touted meeting make Thailand better off in the long run? And will the excited chatter about a "BCG" economy ever amount to more than an acronym few working in those targeted sectors can decypher to give a full name to?

26 Nov 2022 15
Did Apec elite taste enough of Thailand?
8 Oct 2022

Thailand's crisis communication needs rethinking

The renewed interest in transistor radios is just so bemusing, even to those who own a set and use it for news updates like myself.

8 Oct 2022 12
Thailand's crisis communication needs rethinking
21 Sep 2022

Minister of defence in a mixed-up role

If I hadn't been keeping a close eye on the political news every day, I would have mistakenly assumed -- from watching last Friday's televised account -- that Prayut Chan-o-cha, who has been suspended from his duties as prime minister by the charter court since Aug 24, has already returned to carry out his duties at Government House.

21 Sep 2022 10
23 Dec 2021

City train row still in need of a solution

After displaying bravado for the past two months, Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob appears to have caved in to mounting public pressure against his plan to close Hua Lamphong station.

23 Dec 2021 15
18 Sep 2021

Blazes at bird's nest caves leave industry in soup

My friends call me a foodie because of my boundless passion for hunting delicious food and trying new menus. Even so, there are only a few dishes that I intentionally skip -- among them are shark fin and bird's nest soups.

18 Sep 2021
23 Jul 2021

The great Covid self-test kit challenge

Finally, I got it. No. No, not the coronavirus, at least for now. What I got is an Covid-19 antigen test kit -- a rapid self-test that can provide the result in 30 minutes.

23 Jul 2021 24
The great Covid self-test kit challenge
16 Jul 2020

The need for big data to prevent a second wave

The recent detection of Covid-19 infecting a member of an Egyptian military group who visited the kingdom and a diplomat's daughter in the kingdom has heightened fears that a second wave of the disease will occur.

16 Jul 2020 3
2 Jul 2020

Cinema grande dame fades but will Scala go on?

This Sunday, the Scala cinema -- the grande dame of Thailand's movie theatres -- will close for good after 50 years.

2 Jul 2020 4
11 Jun 2020

Quotas and the future of the fishery sector

This week is full of promising news about marine conservation. And if you wonder why, take a look at the calendar, June 8 marked the United Nations' World Oceans Day. State authorities are using this week to hold events and launch a campaign and initiatives to pay tribute to the Sea Mother.

11 Jun 2020 2
21 May 2020

Latest seawall project another potential debacle

On Monday, a local civic group in Songkhla by the name of "Beach for Life" launched an online campaign at to gather signatures for its drive to stop the construction of a 710-metre seawall.

21 May 2020 8