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Tatat Bunnag is a feature writer for the Life section of the Bangkok Post.

Tatat Bunnag
23 Mar 2020

Covid-19 vigilance is key

Like the many hundred thousands or millions of people around the world who have been affected by the current pandemic, I'm currently observing 14 days of self-quarantine.

23 Mar 2020 1
13 Jan 2020

Plastic problems

Pollution is terrible. Everywhere. Everyone knows this. And while it's certainly true that most of the world is struggling to get a handle on the issue, it's fair to say that the situation is disproportionately bad in Southeast Asia.

13 Jan 2020
4 Nov 2019

The patience test

Stress and anxiety could happen to anyone on any day and under any circumstances. Anyone who lives in the big city would probably know that by heart. As in a familiar scenario, you may start the day arguing with a family member, or your boss complains about your performance at work. Not to mention spending half of each day behind the wheel, fighting your way through heavy rush-hour gridlock and the heat of the day, these types of things really test your patience.

4 Nov 2019 5
16 Sep 2019

A burning issue

One image shows a man lying on a hospital bed with his eyes rolled back. Another depicts the inside a person's mouth in a state of horrific rot, with the words "Smoking causes mouth cancer". There's also one with a little schoolgirl wearing a dust mask on her face, saying: "Daddy, if you love me, please quit smoking."

16 Sep 2019 1
17 Jun 2019

How does a dying industry cope?

It's no secret the world has been rapidly changing before our eyes. As we all understand that the world keeps evolving and new things always come to replace the old, sometimes you can't help but feel nostalgia about this loss.

17 Jun 2019 3
22 Apr 2019

When we don't properly use the web

Everybody knows the good and bad side of the internet and social media by now. Of course it's easy and very convenient to connect with people or access any information you want within seconds. But if abused, it can also be destructive.

22 Apr 2019
28 Jan 2019

Long live the difference

If you've been following entertainment news, and seen the list of this year's nominations, you might just have noticed that the 2019 Oscars is one of the most diverse yet.

28 Jan 2019
12 Nov 2018

Annoying fund-raisers

Groups of strangers, usually pretty 20-something females, gather outside office blocks or at major BTS and MRT stations and solicit aggressively for NGOs.

12 Nov 2018 5