Pavin Chachavalpongpun


Pavin Chachavalpongpun
15 Oct 2014

Stalled diplomacy

The absence of a US ambassador in Bangkok does not mean a downgraded relationship with Thailand, but rather Washington has problems at home.

15 Oct 2014 3
14 Aug 2014

Songster Nitipong's appeal to 'Thainess' backfires

Nitipong Hornak, nicknamed "Dee", is one of the most famous composers Thailand has produced in the past few decades. From wrenching modern love songs to upbeat, high-energy tunes, his music is popular among new and old generations. Undoubtedly, Nitipong has earned a place as a well-respected figure in the music industry.

14 Aug 2014 1
20 Jan 2014

Sexism is the weapon of choice for the truly cowardly

The political crisis has unveiled a series of "inconvenient truths" that have long been hidden in our society. One of them is the prevailing pre-modern sexism that has come to define modern relationships among the genders in general, and in the present political context, between angry males and females protesting against Thailand's first female prime minister in particular.

20 Jan 2014 4
8 Dec 2013

Mired by binary blinders

The tendency by foreign journalists to see the present political situation in terms of black and white is leading to misinterpretations abroad.

8 Dec 2013 20
11 Nov 2013

On either side of amnesty debate, the ironies pile up

Should we take Thai politics seriously, given the fact that the current struggle over the controversial amnesty bill reveals nothing but a great sense of irony?

11 Nov 2013 3
12 Aug 2013

Horror video puts media ethics back in the spotlight

A closed-circuit television clip that shows in graphic detail a brutal, cold-blooded homicidal act committed by a man who shot his bride-to-be at point-blank range and then chased after his future mother-in-law and killed her in the same manner has been widely circulated on the internet. This could not have been possible if the media had not earlier revealed the clip on air to the Thai public.

12 Aug 2013 1
24 Jun 2013

Sumatra's land-clearing fires ignite Singaporean fury

I lived in Singapore for almost 10 years, from late 2002 to early 2012. Throughout my stay, haze pollution became one of the main health issues facing the city state. This month, the threatening haze has returned. And this time it has managed to break its own record, reaching the hazardous PSI (pollutant standards index) level of 401 at 12 pm on Friday. This is the highest level of haze ever in Singapore.

24 Jun 2013 2
18 May 2013

Tide of political vulgarity washes up on our shores

Politics is a game played by those in high and low places. They may perceive politics from different angles and approach it from different standpoints. But there is one thing they share in common; they condone a culture of vulgarity.

18 May 2013 3
13 Apr 2013

Asean's Korea role

<b>ANALYSIS</b> Asean can offer a channel for negotiation, something the six-party talk framework has been unable to do, writes Pavin Chachavalpongpun

13 Apr 2013 3
Asean's Korea role
3 Dec 2012

Old maps and new can easily chart a course of disaster

A political drama emerged when Vietnamese authorities refused to stamp Chinese passports featuring a map that includes...

3 Dec 2012