Sirinya Wattanasukchai


Sirinya Wattanasukchai is a columnist for the Bangkok Post.

Sirinya Wattanasukchai
3 Apr 2020

Absurd disease controls show govt is clueless

As I checked in for my trip home at Brussels airport last Sunday, I wondered if it would be a once-in-a-lifetime flight. A THAI employee had told me I might end up being the only passenger on the Bangkok-bound plane that afternoon.

3 Apr 2020 80
20 Mar 2020

Govt's response to crisis fails to meet the mark

After following news about how Thailand and countries in Europe have been tackling Covid-19 over the past few weeks, I notice a big difference.

20 Mar 2020 14
7 Mar 2020

Quick fixes will not stop spread of Covid-19

When an elderly couple who tested positive for Covid-19 were found not to have told the truth about their visit to a virus hotspot before they got ill -- vitally important information in the midst of an outbreak -- the whole country panicked.

7 Mar 2020 9
8 Feb 2020

Will injunction halt riverside promenade?

The Central Administrative Court's decision earlier this week to issue an injunction to halt construction of the controversial Chao Phraya riverside promenade may be deemed a victory for the civic groups which put up a fight against the city administration and an alien structure that they said would cause adverse effect on river ecology, in addition to being an eyesore.

8 Feb 2020 8
30 Jan 2020

Tourist dollars shouldn't trump right to clean air

Bangkok has made the list of the world's 100 best cities -- again.

30 Jan 2020 1
18 Jan 2020

Filthy city air can't be cleaned with pie in sky

As PM2.5 fine dust particles continue to blanket Bangkok, the government has begun to toy with the idea of banning private cars from city roads on certain days of the week -- a harsh-yet-successful measure practised in many major cities around the world to curb air pollution.

18 Jan 2020 20
10 Jan 2020

Plastic bag ban fails to send the right message

A number of shoppers heartily turned up at stores with unconventional containers such as buckets and pushcarts to load their purchases.

10 Jan 2020 62
Plastic bag ban fails to send the right message
4 Jan 2020

In beautifying efforts, don't lose sight of reality

After watching Bangkok governor Aswin Kwanmuang's clip wishing us all well for 2020, I asked myself if I should, in his words, "feel blessed", especially since the reality is the complete opposite.

4 Jan 2020 11
In beautifying efforts, don't lose sight of reality
20 Dec 2019

'Period poverty' is the hard truth, not fake news

It's rare if not unprecedented for tampons and sanitary pads to become a topic widely discussed by men -- let alone men in power.

20 Dec 2019 18
14 Dec 2019

Does Singapore love hawkers more than us?

I was absolutely thrilled when I learnt that Singapore was planning to open a version of the Chatuchak Weekend Market early next year.

14 Dec 2019 36
Does Singapore love hawkers more than us?