Sirinya Wattanasukchai


Sirinya Wattanasukchai is a columnist for the Bangkok Post.

Sirinya Wattanasukchai
8 Jul 2020

Peta's complaint about monkeys isn't totally nuts

When I heard that coconut products from Thailand had been banned from supermarkets in London, as a result of a campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta), I wasn't surprised. Peta is known to take the welfare of all types of animals seriously.

8 Jul 2020 19
3 Jul 2020

Out with old, in with new. So short-sighted

Days after Phrae's historic Bombay Burmah building was completely torn down, outraged local people fuelled public anger by sharing photos of the ruthless demolition on social media.

3 Jul 2020 13
24 Jun 2020

Bus commuters won't gain from BMTA rehab

The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) is getting serious about rehabilitation, proposing a slew of plans in a scheme akin to that adopted for Thai Airways (THAI) to help the loss-ridden agency turn itself around.

24 Jun 2020 7
17 Jun 2020

Nature takes back seat in push for toilets

The removal of the leafy pradu trees along the road around the Grand Palace has triggered an avalanche of shock and anger. But this project, which has been touted as a landscape development project for tourism, hardly surprised me.

17 Jun 2020 10
10 Jun 2020

Let's hope it's not the final curtain at the Scala

When the government reopened the country in the third phase of easing this month, the Scala movie theatre remained shuttered. Rumours are widespread that the stand-alone theatre may be facing the final curtain.

10 Jun 2020 3
3 Jun 2020

Squashed liked sardines on the Covid-19 train

Whenever I hear the famous phrase "never lower your guard" that is repeated every day at the daily Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) press conferences, I have to wonder: Whose guard are they talking about?

3 Jun 2020 7
27 May 2020

'New normal' for dining out is simply absurd

Last week my family decided to take advantage of the second phase of relaxed lockdown measures by eating out. The place we chose was an open-air noodle shop. When we arrived we were told to sit at separate tables -- one each. We were dumbfounded.

27 May 2020 94
'New normal' for dining out is simply absurd
21 May 2020

Stranded Thais search for way home

Aleena Pahod, a young Thai student on a full scholarship in Kuala Lumpur, considers herself lucky for being able to stay put in the capital under strict lockdown measures, without the need to immediately return home to Phangnga.

21 May 2020 3
Stranded Thais search for way home
20 May 2020

Mall rush woes: But where are Thais to relax?

The country's second reopening on Sunday saw big crowds gather at department stores citywide amid fears that social distancing measures might be compromised. Most of the malls were full and Ikea in Bang Na had to close early in the afternoon as the number of customers exceeded the daily quota.

20 May 2020 10
13 May 2020

'Pantries of sharing' mustn't let dark side win

The "pantries of sharing" project -- a small charity scheme involving those who have more leaving behind food and other necessities for anyone who may need an item or two -- has become the talk of the town. Yet, a dark side has emerged with some people being too greedy, emptying all the shelves in one fell swoop.

13 May 2020 9