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Sawai Boonma
2 Dec 2015

The corruption factor

South Korea and Thailand began accelerated development programmes about the same time as the US began its moon shots. Two of three have succeeded.

2 Dec 2015 4
4 Nov 2015

Reserve, not invest

With $160 billion in the national reserve Thailand is actually a member of the rich-nation club (No.14, above Britain) but plans are afoot to plunder it.

4 Nov 2015 3
7 Oct 2015

Insufficient support

Gen Prayut's recommendation that UN members use Sufficiency Economy was strange, in that his and other governments have never genuinely attempted to use it.

7 Oct 2015 2
2 Sep 2015

Invitation to debt

The Somkid stimulus will lead to more wastage of money, more unnecessary consumption, more debt, more addiction to populism, and more corruption.

2 Sep 2015 11
5 Aug 2015

Cabinet shuffle won't help

New ministers may rush to show their achievements by proposing quick-fix populist programmes, which the prime minister will need to stop.

5 Aug 2015 1
Cabinet shuffle won't help
1 Jul 2015

Don't play roulette with Thai society

Since the National Council for Peace and Order took the reins of government 13 months ago...

1 Jul 2015 13
Don't play roulette with Thai society
3 Jun 2015


The Four Horsemen of the Constitution, for the 17th consecutive time, are familiar figures: Cheating, Gullibility, Indifference and Disinterest.

3 Jun 2015 11
6 May 2015

Seeds of failure

The military has a few more months before it hands power back to an elected government, which will have the job to complete the reforms

6 May 2015 1
Seeds of failure
1 Apr 2015

University quality, not quantity

With an average of two colleges per province, the real problem for reform is how to reduce the number of universities and the types of useless degrees.

1 Apr 2015 10
4 Mar 2015

Brazil's cautionary tales

Brazil has energy, stable government - and a corruption scandal involving price-fixing, bribery, and kickback schemes generated in Petrobras, the national oil company.

4 Mar 2015