Patpon Sabpaitoon

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Patpon Sabpaitoon
15 Jun 2020

Our disappearing rights

It's been over a week since the disappearance of Wanchalearm Satsaksit, an exiled Thai activist living in Cambodia, touched off a heated debate in Thai social media and beyond.

15 Jun 2020 1
27 Apr 2020

The coronavirus blame game

'Avoid writing about Covid-19," I've been telling myself. We're already bombarded with coverage and it's draining to encounter yet another headline about the villain that's forcing us to accept a new way of life. But there are some points I'd like to make.

27 Apr 2020 1
16 Mar 2020

No country for women

Since the dawn of recorded history, women have been stigmatised by the world "less". They are slaves to bias and prejudice merely because of their gender. The notion of less takes tangible form in terms of reduced resources, opportunities, earnings and power, among other aspects.

16 Mar 2020 1
2 Mar 2020

The pendulum is swinging

Politics in the "Land of the Free" has entered a new era with the help of social platforms and internet ubiquity. Thailand is more politically diverse than it was just a few years ago when the kingdom was divided into three camps: anti-Thaksin, pro-Thaksin and those who were just indifferent to politics.

2 Mar 2020 2
10 Feb 2020

Calm down and communicate

Retail politics is no longer as relevant and essential in the age of social media. Politicians don't have to appear before the masses at local events or attend press briefings to get their message heard. They can stage their own briefing with a single click, anytime, anywhere. It may be even more cost-effective than traditional approaches.

10 Feb 2020
27 Jan 2020

It's news, but is it true?

The mainstream news industry has been gasping for air for some time now; lying alongside it in the jaws of death is the truth. But there will always be news. The industry is the medium, while news is the matter. Truth exists at its heart, a stern and no-nonsense master.

27 Jan 2020 1