Thana Boonlert

Bangkok Post columnist

Thana Boonlert is a writer for the Life section and a Bangkok Post columnist.

Thana Boonlert
6 Aug 2022

Thailand's Big Brother is upping the ante

In the late 18th century, British philosopher Jeremy Bentham visited his younger brother, Samuel, in Russia, who arranged unskilled factory workers in a circle so that he could supervise them. Inspired by this principle, Bentham developed "the panopticon", an inspection tower surrounded by cells. Its uniqueness was that it enabled a watchman to monitor prisoners without them knowing they were being watched.

6 Aug 2022 7
Thailand's Big Brother is upping the ante
1 Jul 2022

Farewells teach us all to live for the moment

When we bid farewell to something, it marks the end of a relationship. Saying it gives us a sense of ending. Saying goodbye reminds us of how vulnerable and uncertain our life is.

1 Jul 2022 2
Farewells teach us all to live for the moment
27 Jun 2022

Riding the green wave

Only two weeks after decriminalising cannabis, Thailand is experiencing a green rush. Since June 9, when the legalisation of marijuana for home and commercial use took effect, almost 1 million people registered to grow it with food and drug officials, while more than 40 million have checked out the registration platform. There's a growing public interest in the cash crop -- though some farmers remain doubtful -- and it is paving the way for "cannabis journalism".

27 Jun 2022
3 Jun 2022

Weaponising Thainess with numbers

The feud over an online campaign calling for Thai numerals to be scrapped in official documents isn't just about pragmatism -- it is a clash between the two ideologies which underpin Thai society.

3 Jun 2022 39
6 May 2022

Gig workers need unions to secure living

On May Day last week, hundreds of demonstrators marched from Ratchaprasong intersection to the Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre (BACC) to push for improvements to labour rights. People from all walks of life took part in the rally, held by the Workers' Union. Among them were delivery riders with their precarious employment status.

6 May 2022 6
2 May 2022

Heritage is not soft power

Harvard University Professor Joseph Nye coined the term "soft power", or the ability to obtain preferred outcomes by attraction, rather than coercion or payment, in his book Bound To Lead in 1990. However, he has since seen his brainchild, scribbled out on his kitchen table, grow in scope of application and distance.

2 May 2022 24
1 Apr 2022

When marriage equality is an issue of freedom

The cabinet early this week finally shot down a draft of the marriage equality bill that was proposed by the Move Forward Party (MFP). The doomed destiny of this progressive pro-gender equality draft bill is not surprising under the current ultra-conservative government.

1 Apr 2022 41
When marriage equality is an issue of freedom
4 Mar 2022

Gender bias a root cause of recidivist abuse

'If I were to come across him, I would ask whether he knows what I'm going through," said a woman in her 30s. How hard is it to carry a sense of helplessness for years? How difficult is it to build a new relationship after your trust has been broken? Can the attacker understand such feelings? I know the victim would rather not ask these questions than let her struggle out.

4 Mar 2022 11
28 Feb 2022

Pitfalls on path to equality

In the future, the family frontier will be expanded. The declining population is posing a challenge to the country in the midst of a brain drain due to political conflict. Given the demographic crisis, public health officials are seeking an amendment to allow commercial surrogacy. However, the slow progress of the marriage law for same-sex couples can put their desire for parenthood on hold.

28 Feb 2022 2
4 Feb 2022

Euthanasia a service not a sin for the elderly

Have you ever imagined how you might die in old age? I remember once telling a close friend that I would use a "sleeping pod" -- if euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide were legal. But in Thailand, it is only terminally ill patients who have the right to forgo treatment in such a way that allows them to die "naturally". Under Section 12 of the Public Health Act, they can make a will denying the use of public health services that would prolong the end stage of their illness.

4 Feb 2022 31