Ploenpote Atthakor

Former editorial page Editor

Ploenpote Atthakor is former editorial pages editor, Bangkok Post.

Ploenpote Atthakor
2 May 2022

Once the birthday bash is done...

Bangkok has turned 240th years old. The government, via the Culture Ministry, recently celebrated this auspicious occasion, with cultural performances and fun-filled activities at several landmark spots.

2 May 2022 9
Once the birthday bash is done...
1 May 2021

Why get so sour about Madam Choops' sweets?

Call me blasphemous, but my first reaction to the desserts in the shape of Buddha amulets -- now a matter of public frenzy -- was: So what?

1 May 2021 38
25 Jan 2021

Old solutions no answer to dust menace

When pressured by newshounds last week about another round of PM2.5 dust that has blanketed the capital city and some other provinces for several days in a row, Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwon answered, "The government has tackled it all along." Really?

25 Jan 2021 17
Old solutions no answer to dust menace
21 Dec 2020

Outbreak highlights our complacency

We are seemingly paying a high price for Covid-19 complacency.

21 Dec 2020 19
Outbreak highlights our complacency
30 Nov 2020

Reckless actions endanger us all

As health authorities report a new infection case in Chiang Mai, the public has every reason to be terrified.

30 Nov 2020 24
18 Nov 2020

Of melody, monkeys and musician

Playing music for monkeys? Some people might not believe that there could be such an activity.

18 Nov 2020 4
Of melody, monkeys and musician
2 Nov 2020

Rise up against shallow patriotism

When a self-proclaimed patriot noticed a student did not stand up for the national anthem during a recent 6pm "flag down" ritual, she became so angry she hit the girl.

2 Nov 2020 22
26 Oct 2020

House session needs sincerity to succeed

Starting today, the parliament will play a crucial role in examining -- amid dimmed hopes -- possible solutions which would allow the country to peacefully exit the political stalemate.

26 Oct 2020 4
House session needs sincerity to succeed
15 Oct 2020

Both sides must give peace a chance

On Wednesday the country narrowly missed a confrontation -- quite possibly violent -- between groups of people with different stances when it comes to the monarchy. But there are no sighs of relief -- just yet.

15 Oct 2020 33
Both sides must give peace a chance
17 Aug 2020

Boss case shatters public confidence

If you start to feel a sense of relief that justice seems to be back on track in the shameful hit-and-run case involving Vorayuth Yoovidhya, after both prosecutors and police suddenly put the brakes on their attempts to free him, you may well have to think again.

17 Aug 2020 20