Ploenpote Atthakor

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Ploenpote Atthakor is editorial pages editor, Bangkok Post.

Ploenpote Atthakor
26 Apr 2020

Don't build a wall against our own people

A famous quote, "Numbers never lie", comes to my mind often as the country copes with the coranavirus outbreak which all of a sudden has some Thais obsessed with numbers and case counting.

26 Apr 2020 22
17 Apr 2020

Red-tape mess making hard times harder

A hairdresser in my neighbourhood told me she didn't get the 5,000-baht cash handout she's entitled to. Frustrated, she has little, if any hope.

17 Apr 2020 37
10 Apr 2020

Bangkok booze ban is the last thing we need

Social distancing as a means to curb Covid-19? OK. Partial curfew after 10pm until 4am, probably OK.

10 Apr 2020 67
28 Mar 2020

Anutin must get a grip in battle against the virus

Despite not having contracted the Covid-19 virus, Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul finds himself in deep trouble.

28 Mar 2020 86
21 Mar 2020

Virus a wake-up call to change our bad habits

With Covid-19 infection cases soaring past 300 in a short time, we have now realised the battle with this disease will be much tougher than we thought. In other words, despite the predicament in Wuhan, we unforgivably underestimated the threat it posed.

21 Mar 2020 8
28 Feb 2020

Smog a bigger problem than coronavirus

For more than three months, facial masks have become a necessity for Thais, though not all the people find this accessory affordable or easy to obtain.

28 Feb 2020 30
22 Jan 2020

Blame game no solution to smog woes

Be warned, everyone. The ultra-fine PM2.5 dust will not be going away anytime soon.

22 Jan 2020 11
11 Jan 2020

No room for apathy as haze crisis returns

With levels of particulate matter measuring 2.5 micrometres or less in diameter -- PM2.5 fine dust -- surpassing 180, Bangkok was ranked as the fourth most polluted city in the world yesterday. People in the provinces -- both near and far -- have also experienced similar problems.

11 Jan 2020 26
29 Nov 2019

We will keep eating poison for a while yet

The latest resolution on the ban of the three hazardous chemicals is even more toxic than the chemicals themselves.

29 Nov 2019 34
We will keep eating poison   for a while yet
15 Nov 2019

Pareena saga a test of land reform resolve

When Deputy Agriculture Minister Thamanat Prompow defended Pareena Kraikupt -- a Palang Pracharath Party member and MP for Ratchaburi who is being grilled in a high-profile land scandal -- by suggesting that she may escape forest encroachment charges because her family "had lived on the disputed plots prior to the enactment of land reforms", I could sense his triumph, as well as relief.

15 Nov 2019 12
Pareena saga a test of land reform resolve