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Samila Wenin
28 Feb 2013

Let the punishment fit the crime

I'm an old-school mother who is reluctant to condone the modern school of spank-free parenting. Not that I enjoy handing out a spanking or two once my little one starts her meltdown routine. But as a single mother who works full-time, I guiltily admit I cannot afford a rod-free disciplinary method in order to ensure she grows up rational, conscientious and with self-esteem.

28 Feb 2013 1
16 Jan 2013

When modelling is no longer child's play

There's nothing particularly captivating about the photo. A model in a cropped tank-top and hot pants, or perhaps it's a skirt? The model is sitting straight with both legs bending to her right, her feet arched as if she's in five-inch stilettoes, although it's a pair of ballerina pumps she's wearing.

16 Jan 2013 2
5 Dec 2012

Function over form

Society should ensure security for single-parent families, as thousands of them out there are juggling work and parental duty.

5 Dec 2012
23 Oct 2012

Questions pile up with corpses

I remember it was about this time last year _ weeks after my most exhausting time of the year, Elle Fashion Week, and a little bit before Halloween.

23 Oct 2012
6 Sep 2012

How kids might get swallowed by tablets

The gigantic billboard casts its enigmatic presence over the motorway, greeting visitors and those returning home on the way into town from Suvarnabhumi Airport. The ever-smiling face of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra beams triumphantly along with well-crafted words testifying to her success in carrying out one of her most controversial populist policies. It's like the prime minister is graciously telling the motorists and tourists alike _ "Hey, our kids finally have a tablet!"

6 Sep 2012 2
17 Jul 2012

The folly of fandom

There seems to be a thin line between liking something and proclaiming you're a fan of it, although in both real life and Facebook, you're assumed to be a fan once you "Like" it.

17 Jul 2012
23 May 2012

Education cost

The Thai educational body is oblivious to the unequal opportunity of children and the high cost of schooling compared with what is provided by the state.

23 May 2012 2
11 Feb 2012

From closet to cabinet

Like words, fashion is a tricky tool. They are both a form of expression, the first is verbal, and the latter is visual. The similarity _ they can make or break a person.

11 Feb 2012 2
8 Feb 2012

Fashion journalism, who and what does it serve?

There's a little rule to being a fashion writer (which could be, at times, applicable to a culture journalist). Call it elitism if you want, but it's not easy for fashion writers to not jump into argument once they start talking about fashion with friends who do not work in fashion.

8 Feb 2012
4 Feb 2012

No petty matters

The camera fixed its probing gaze on Luis Suarez, crouched on the bench with the slightly anxious expression of a man who's loaded with guilt for failing to bear the torch of hope for Liverpool fans during the match against arch-rivals Manchester United during the FA Cup's fourth round last weekend.

4 Feb 2012