Patcharawalai Sanyanusin


Patcharawalai Sanyanusin is a writer for Life section of the Bangkok Post.

Patcharawalai Sanyanusin
13 Feb 2023

Power corrupts – with help from higher-ups

I don't know whether our tourism will be affected by recent coverage of Taiwanese actress Charlene An's police extortion case. It made big headlines in Thai media for weeks and was reported in many international media outlets as well.

13 Feb 2023 12
Power corrupts – with help from higher-ups
26 Dec 2022

Strange cult makes a comeback in Isan school

Early this month I came across an interesting news story about a school in Ubon Ratchathani that was accused of forcing its students to join the activities of a Chinese religious sect presented under the guise of dhamma training.

26 Dec 2022 4
7 Nov 2022

What defines a hero?

Thailand has embraced one more hero who made big headlines in the media last month.

7 Nov 2022 1
12 Sep 2022

Crypto creeps strike again

'All investments carry some degree of risk." This is a classic statement that investors should bear in mind before engaging in any financial investment.

12 Sep 2022 12
1 Aug 2022

Curses and blessings

Thailand has been hit with the sixth wave of Covid-19 and fears are abound that August will see a surge of new cases as well. Many doctors are predicting that the number will peak around the end of this month.

1 Aug 2022 1
13 Jun 2022

Respect the robe

Late last month, Sipboworn Kaewngam, director of the National Office of Buddhism (NOB), warned people about what they should and shouldn't do to monks who misbehaved.

13 Jun 2022 4
18 Apr 2022

Beliefs are no excuse to damage our health

Everyone has a set of personal beliefs that determine their actions. While we're supposed to respect each other's beliefs, it's hard to come to terms with the unpleasant impact caused by certain beliefs.

18 Apr 2022 2
14 Feb 2022

What the world needs now

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day but this is a good occasion for all of us to ponder on the concept of love one more time. I'm not talking about romantic love but, rather, love for our fellow humans that I think the world needs to have more of.

14 Feb 2022
13 Dec 2021

On death and dying

Feelings of sadness accompany any death, even if that person is a stranger. Last month, I came across a story about the passing of a woman on social media that saddened me but made me feel glad as well.

13 Dec 2021 1
18 Oct 2021

More meditating, less talking please

Whenever there are reports of Buddhist monks misbehaving or violating the monastic code of conduct, we often hear comments like "They are causing a decay to the religion" and "They should be kicked out of the monastery right away".

18 Oct 2021 39