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Peerawat Jariyasombat
30 Apr 2018

Planning ahead

After 25 years as a reporter, I am going to retire tomorrow.

30 Apr 2018
29 Jan 2018

The unsure fate of our forests

During my recent assignment to Koh Kong province in Cambodia, I came across a project of forest concession for tourism. Situated on the southwestern corner of the country, Koh Kong is home to different forests that play a significant role in the country's rainfall and general environment.

29 Jan 2018 1
30 Oct 2017

Looking to the dragon

Every time I get an assignment in China, old images of chaotic cities pop up in my mind. From the country's notorious images of dirty toilets where severe smells always frighten foreigners, no queuing, noisy conversations, to the hustle and bustle of narrow roads where bicycles, tricycles, motorcycles, cars, and trucks share the same route and try to criss-cross each other, for me a trip to China means language barriers and a massive culture shock.

30 Oct 2017
31 Jul 2017

Giving farmers food for thought

The rice farming season has begun. In the next few months, when harvest period kicks off, we can expect to hear from Thai farmers complaining about the falling price of their produce.

31 Jul 2017 3
1 May 2017

Deep South scary? That's news to me

North Korea has announced that it's ready for the fight. The US and Japan joined hands in a naval exercise off the Korean Peninsula. China and Russia showed off their military prowess by sending their troops and aircraft carriers to the area. Tensions in the Korean Peninsula have escalated in the past few weeks. The whole world is anxious about the possibility of the next war.

1 May 2017 2
16 Jan 2017

A lesson in development

On a windy day in Busan, South Korea, I stood before a small valley where the Gamchoen Culture Village is located. Streams of tourists tirelessly roam the community where colourful tiny houses pack the entire valley, as well as a nearby hill.

16 Jan 2017 1
3 Oct 2016

Loosen up! Time to change strict booze laws

One evening at a bar in Myanmar, a bartender hands me a glass of local beer he nicely pours out of the tap. "Myanmar has a number of local beers and drinks you can enjoy. It is actually a kind of exploration. You can try various beers until finding the one you like the most. How about Thailand, sir?".

3 Oct 2016 2
27 Jun 2016

Cleaning the street (stalls)

After news about the sale of suspected fake fruit juice broke last month, consumers should have better awareness and be more careful in terms of food safety, at least for a while. After vendors were raided and products seized, some people stop buying bottled orange juice from street vendors. They say to themselves at least until they are sure that the liquid inside those plastic bottles are real juices.

27 Jun 2016 1
29 Feb 2016

Who taught these scholars?

The scandal surrounding a US-based Thai dentist is now just another bit of news that has faded from public interest.

29 Feb 2016
12 Jan 2016

A story to tell

With the continual promotion of Korean culture, especially through films, Thai buyers have become a major market for Korea.

12 Jan 2016