Adam Kohut

Sub-editor for Guru magazine

Adam Kohut is the sub-editor for Guru magazine of the Bangkok Post.

Adam Kohut
3 Dec 2015

One fancy feast

I love food, and I live in Bangkok, and I am young and hip. And my daddy is rich. So I'm going to open a hip restaurant in Bangkok for young people with my rich daddy's money. Now, you must possess passion. Luckily, passion I have in droves! If I were a plant, my friends tell me, I'd be a passion fruit tree. Imagine that! That's how much I love food! I might even venture as far as to call myself a highfalutin gourmandiser.

3 Dec 2015 2
1 Oct 2015

Do not discount the expatriate

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha this week addressed the UN General Assembly in New York. What do you think was going through his mind as he spoke? Was he nervous? What was his pulse rate?

1 Oct 2015 1
11 Sep 2015

It's not terrorism we fear

To live abroad is to surrender your right to an opinion. It is the firm price of admission.

11 Sep 2015 4
28 Aug 2015

This is no time for nationalism

Tragedy is a strange, contradictory thing. It breaks and it binds. It destroys and it builds. It opens and it closes. When an earthquake, or a storm, or a man's gun, or a bomb takes human lives, there is first anger, sadness, confusion. There is fear. There is grief. There is great pain. But this is followed by a period of mourning, and then of consolation, of comfort, of determination and of strength.

28 Aug 2015
29 Jul 2015

Notes from a big country

On the second night of my trip home, my family celebrated my father's birthday at a large seafood restaurant, one link in a chain of locations scattered across the southern United States. My younger brother, Gatlin, who is 11, ordered something called the "Mixed Seafood Grill". What arrived, half-an-hour later, carried in by a waiter lurching under its horrific weight, can only be described as nautical holocaust. Heaped on a platter the size of a manhole cover were enormous chunks of fish, scallops you could use as hockey pucks, shrimp that could be worn as bracelets.

29 Jul 2015 4
25 Jun 2015

He ain't heavy (he's only 11)

Live abroad for long enough and you start to lose touch. The things you took for granted back home - your friends, your family, your Shih Tzu - start to become relics of a faded reality. You are absent for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmases. Your loved ones wrinkle and shrink as they are dragged behind time's insectile scuttle.

25 Jun 2015
26 May 2015

Cycling's just to die for

On Sunday morning, I woke up and decided to go for a bike ride.

26 May 2015
22 Apr 2015

Mall things considered

In my high school history class, when we couldn't avoid paying attention any longer, we would half-heartedly thumb through battered textbooks with broken spines, turning pages so stained with oil from generations of hands that they had become translucent as fast-food burger wrappers.

22 Apr 2015
17 Mar 2015

Off colour - a Texan in Thailand

My boss, an Irishman named Chris, is fond of telling me that I come from "the land of gleaming white teeth and expressing yourself". He's not far off. My father is a dentist and my sister Amanda, a cheerleader throughout high school, is now a social emotional counsellor who works with children.

17 Mar 2015