Mahathir starts off with a bang

Mahathir starts off with a bang

Mahathir bin Mohamad, the 92-year old and seventh Prime Minister of Malaysia has gotten down to work on the very first day of assuming office with orders to ban overseas travel of the former protege turned nemesis Najib Razak, setting up an investigation team to look into the corruption allegations against the Najib government and was also looking for an early pardon to the jailed protege turned nemesis turned protege -- Anwar Ibrahim.

One of the very first moves Dr Mahathir has undertaken is to ban foreign travel by former prime minister Najib and his wife Rosmah Razak who were expected to depart on a private jet to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. As messages flooded social media of how Mr Najib was going on a "short break" with his family on an Indonesian registered private jet, hundreds of dissatisfied people gathered at Kuala Lumpur airport from where the flight was to take off to prevent Mr Najib and his wife from heading out of the country.

Umesh Pandey is Editor, Bangkok Post.

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Umesh Pandey

Bangkok Post Editor

Umesh Pandey is Editor, Bangkok Post.

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