What has uncle Tu done wrong?

What has uncle Tu done wrong?

A Twitter account belonging to the Prime Minister Operations Center (@PMOC10) last Saturday shared eight pictures of Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha along with a question that goes, "What has PM Uncle Tu done wrong?". The question is obviously asked in a passive-aggressive and I-feel-underappreciated tone. These pictures seem to be a protest against criticism of his governance and response to throngs of people who have come out to protest against him.

The tweet goes on to elaborate on the question and show his "accomplishments" as our PM, like some sort of soliloquy. I put the quotation there as many people disagree with most of these cited accomplishments. Ironically, the question drew even more criticism against Uncle Tu and rebuttal from Thai netizens. Some went as far as joking that the Twitter account may be guilty of publishing false information, according to the Computer Act. Their words, not mine.

Anywho, I would like to offer my response to this piece of prop...oops, sorry I meant to say PR... that seems to, with due respect, severely lack self-awareness.

Is he wrong... to support the nation's Three Pillars?

I don't think anyone has accused dear sir of not being an avid supporter of the Three Pillars; Nation, Religion and Monarchy. Are you implying that people who dislike your governance are against the concept? Also, isn't it time we add the People as the fourth pillar?

Is he wrong... to be able to control Covid-19 so effectively that he earns international recognition?

The centre is reaching here. I think it's fair to say that we get the pandemic under control because everyone chips in and stay in. For the centre to try to assign credit to PM Prayut for putting Miss Rona under control, it's like saying Mantis or Drax was the main reason the Avengers defeated Thanos. Also, do you remember the shortage of masks, masks with hiked-up price tags and mask mismanagement in March? Most importantly, the biggest kudo MUST go to Thai medical professionals who put their lives on the line to deal with the pandemic.

Is he wrong... to set up the government and for being nominated as a potential prime minister before the election as everyone does. Was he wrong to set up the government after garnering the majority vote as prescribed by the rules?

Who selected 194 senators out of the total 250? Who did 249 out of 250 senators vote to be the prime minister? Isn't it obvious?

Is he wrong... to upgrade the transport system? The number of trains doubled. Monorail. Double-track rail. Like has never been done before in any previous government.

Dear sir, transport systems don't only mean more electric locomotives in Bangkok. Our public buses still, well, suck. I can say that because I use them. Bangkok roads turn into canals when it rains. I'm not sure if the credit for new and upcoming rail projects should be given to Uncle Tu (if I'm wrong, please correct me) as these may be ongoing projects that started a long time ago and would happen anyway regardless of who's the premier.

Is he wrong... to not be accused of corruption? There's no corruption investigation lodged against him like he has been wrongfully accused of?

A construction company headed by his nephew, Gen Preecha Chan-o-cha's son, won biddings to construct govt buildings. Isara News reported in June 2018 that the limited partnership used to be located inside a military camp in Phitsanulok.

Perhaps, Uncle Tu is wrong in setting up the centre in the first place?

Pornchai Sereemongkonpol

Guru section Editor

Guru section Editor

Email : pornchais@bangkokpost.co.th

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